A ‘very healthy’ mountain lion spotted in northwest Carson City | Carson City Nevada News

A ‘very healthy’ mountain lion spotted in northwest Carson City | Carson City Nevada News

Carson Now reader Wm Dietlein despatched us two pictures of a “quite healthful mountain lion stress-free at the conclusion of Woodridge Circle” in the Timberline region of northwest Carson City on Thursday, Jan. 19.

When mountain lion are stealthy and are hardly ever witnessed, they are in the area. Reviews of them are not unheard of, primarily now as they are hunting for mule deer as a foodstuff resource, in accordance to an NDOW spokesperson.

“This is the time they are next deer prey,” the spokeswoman stated. “We’ve experienced calls in the Carson Metropolis region this year and it is common for having these sightings.”

She urged men and women who have viewed mountain lions to get in touch with the NDOW dispatch line at (775) 688-1331 to report them. NDOW will log the information and facts and, depending on the circumstance, send anyone to the space.

“If they have eyes on it then simply call us, that way we can get a person out there,” she claimed. “What we do relies upon on the problem. It is not a a person measurement matches all.”

Mountain lions occupy areas with rocky terrain through Nevada, particularly the place mule deer live.

Like most wild cats, they are solitary and tend to steer clear of spots with human disturbance, according to the Nevada Division of Wildlife. At times they will be spotted passing by means of the outskirts of urban places wherever food is conveniently obtainable. Encounters with mountain lions are rare and the danger of an attack is very compact.

NDOW notes on its Dwelling with Mountain Lion webpage that like any wildlife, mountain lions can be hazardous.

To minimize the danger of difficulties with mountain lions on or around your assets, NDOW urges the pursuing safety measures:

— Take out nearly anything that may possibly bring in deer or other prey animals. This can include birdseed, pet foods, trash or compost, drinking water characteristics, fallen fruit, extra shrubs, woodpiles, decks or other constructions that can supply address or a spot to den.

— Make attempts to discourage deer from getting current in your lawn. Deer are one of the prime foods sources for mountain lions, so if they are in your yard, a lion could be too.

— Install units to scare absent the lions. Motion-activated lights and/or sprinklers are a great position to start.

— Closely supervise youngsters anytime they play outdoor. Make absolutely sure small children are inside before dusk and not outside the house ahead of dawn. Speak with your young children about lions and educate them what to do if they come upon a single.

Pet safety:
— Keep your pet beneath command. Roaming pets are effortless prey and can entice lions. Carry animals in at night time. If you go away your pet outside the house, continue to keep it in a kennel with a protected top. Really don’t feed animals outside this can entice raccoons and other animals eaten by mountain lions. Shop all rubbish securely.

— Put livestock in enclosed sheds or barns at night time. Near doorways to all outside buildings due to the fact inquisitive lions could go inside for a look.

Mountaineering in mountain lion region:
— Continue to be notify when on the trails and do not use headphones.

— Keep away from hiking or jogging when mountain lions are most active, between dusk and dawn.

— Moms and dads, supervise tiny little ones intently and instruct them about lion safety.

— If you operate across a useless animal, specifically if it is partially eaten and then coated with brush or dust, shift absent. Lions return to their kills.

What if I see a mountain lion?

— Do not approach a lion, especially 1 that is feeding or with kittens. Most mountain lions will test to keep away from a confrontation.

— Do NOT operate absent from it or corner it — give it room to leave. Back again away slowly and gradually if you can do so properly – operating may perhaps promote the ‘chase instinct’ that a lot of predators have.

— Do all that you can to appear much larger. Elevate your arms. Open your jacket if you are donning one. If you have small kids with you, guard them by finding them up so they will not worry and operate.

— If the lion is intense, toss stones, branches, or whichever you can get your hands on without crouching down or turning your back. Wave your arms little by little and talk firmly. What you want to do is convince the lion you are not prey and that you may possibly be a risk to the lion.

— In the rare celebration of an assault — usually battle back again. Lions have been pushed away by prey that fights back again. People have fought back again with rocks, sticks, caps or jackets, back garden instruments, and their bare hands effectively. Remain standing or consider to get back again up.

Am I in threat?
Human and mountain lion conflicts are very uncommon getting the higher than safeguards will aid limit conflicts that could come up. Finding out how to interact with mountain lions is an significant action in producing confident Nevada and our wildlife remain wild!

If you see a mountain lion in a residential region, report it to the Nevada Department of Wildlife dispatch line at (775) 688-1331.