Amazing Hummingbird Photos Transform Them Into Tiny Rainbows

Amazing Hummingbird Photos Transform Them Into Tiny Rainbows
Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings

“Rainbow Ballet”
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A ten years back, Rio de Janeiro-centered artist and photographer Christian Spencer produced an incredible discovery. At particular sun-lit angles, hummingbird wings change into very small fluttering rainbows. They come to be prisms in the sky—a reality that Spencer only acquired after viewing the creatures appear in his film The Dance of Time slowed down to 5% of its standard velocity.

The discovery introduced Spencer into a collection aptly called Winged Prisms. It took a lot of decades to completely complete, as each and every impression essential an best set of situations and the photographer currently being in the suitable place at the right time. But the effort and hard work put into the sequence has been worthy of it.

The pictures are memorialized in a new guide titled BIRDS: Poetry in the Sky. It attributes pictures of stunning rainbow-tinted hummingbirds as perfectly as other birds presented in their pure habitat. The photographs are united with a attractive lyricism that exemplifies Spencer’s stylistic rationalization: “The digital camera is my brush.”

Get your copy of BIRDS: Poetry in the Sky by means of In the meantime, we had the probability to talk with Spencer about his reserve, such as the unique approaches in which he’s planning to exhibit his function in the potential. Scroll down to study My Fashionable Met’s unique interview.

Rio de Janeiro-centered artist and photographer Christian Spencer shares about his new e-book, BIRDS: Poetry in the Sky.

Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings

“Wings of Light”

Can you describe the moment that you to start with seen the “hummingbird rainbows?”

I initial found the natural rainbow outcome in the hummingbird wings when I was creating the movie The Dance of Time in 2011. The opening sequence of the movie is a hummingbird sequence of rainbows showing in the wings. The movie went on to win 10 awards in worldwide film festivals. Just after I filmed the hummingbirds versus the Sun, it was not until eventually the video was slowed down to 5% that the mystery was uncovered.

Your collection Winged Prisms took years to total. What form of issues did you encounter when earning it come about?

Most of the photographs of the Winged Prisms series were taken in 2014 and an additional significant group of the sequence in 2018. The images are difficult, even for me, to copy relying on specific atmospheric situations and the perfect poetic harmonic variety of the hummingbird in concentrate. Every image is a treasure that captures a moment in time that is absent forever. Which is why every picture has a extremely essential and unique title.

Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings

“Opal Wings”

Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings


What do you like about photographing hummingbirds?

Often I get the impact that hummingbirds dwell in a diverse time and dimension. Their pace and class with which they fly hardly ever stop to amaze me. They are quite methodic and sustain a restricted plan of flower visitation commonly the moment an hour. Every single hummingbird commonly visits specific bouquets, so as soon as you know the connection among a specific flower and a certain hummingbird it helps make them simpler to photograph. They never fail to amaze and encourage me.

Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings


Hummingbird Photo With Rainbows as Wings

“Cloud Angel”

Your book features other styles of fowl portraits, in addition to the hummingbird rainbows. What are the stories at the rear of these more portraits?

The e-book incorporates a chapter on the elegance of hummingbird feathers and in unique the way the feathers look to transform shade at the time they have been soaked in a summer time rain. The beautiful black-eared fairy hummingbird which is a fantastic emerald eco-friendly turns a crimson red just after its feathers grow to be wet. I also captured the really very first raindrops sitting on their feathers like miniature crystal balls and the dazzling magnificence of their decorative feathers in precise light-weight disorders.

Hummingbird Book

What can the reader be expecting from BIRDS: Poetry in the Sky

The sheer energy of splendor from time to time simply cannot be expressed in words and phrases but only via art. The e-book has a additional artistic solution than most fowl images publications and has a beautiful harmonic sensation that flows through the e book till the conclusion which will go away a smile on most people’s faces and with a sense of awe and question.

Bird Photography by Christian Spencer

“Hummingbird Amber”

Bird Photography by Christian Spencer

“Mirror Mirror”

What is on the horizon for you? Anything remarkable you can explain to us about?

Considering the fact that a pretty youthful age, I have been a expert painter and even though I have made profitable inventive films, and now an overall ebook with my photos, the creative expression that I most take pleasure in is my portray. So I am looking ahead to having back again into my painting with a lot more depth.

Also, I am wanting ahead to exhibiting the photographs through the globe in relation to advertising and marketing the guide which will be exhibited for a few months on the largest electronic façade in Europe, which is situated in Paris. I have ideas to show the hummingbird images on the Moon, which would have the shots becoming projected on the Moon from Earth. At certain occasions of the working day, a hummingbird would seem on the surface area of the total moon.

Bird Photography by Christian Spencer

“Tanger Reflections”

Bird Photography by Christian Spencer

“Hummingbird Rain”

Christian Spencer: Site | Instagram (pictures) | Instagram (artwork)

My Modern-day Satisfied granted permission to feature photographs by Christian Spencer.

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