Bankrupt Alex Jones Claims Authorities Want to Take His Expensive Cat

Bankrupt Alex Jones Claims Authorities Want to Take His Expensive Cat
  • Bankrupt Alex Jones owes almost $1.5 billion in court docket-awarded damages to Sandy Hook people.
  • His spouse shared a video of him on Thursday complaining that authorities want to choose his cat.
  • Authorities scrutinizing his funds may possibly be a lot more interested in the $1.3 million he transferred to kinfolk.

Considerably-correct provocateur Alex Jones, who owes virtually $1.5 billion in courtroom-awarded damages to the families of Sandy Hook victims, is now accusing authorities of seeking to take his cat absent, for the reason that of his bankruptcy proceedings.

Jones’ wife, Erika Wulff Jones, posted a strange video clip on Twitter on Thursday of her spouse complaining about the authorities’ angle toward the pet.

In the video clip, Jones stated he attended a personal bankruptcy hearing with Justice Office officials before that day, exactly where they used “5 minutes” of a a few-hour listening to conversing about his cat.

“This is Mushu,” Jones mentioned, cradling the animal in his arms. He approximated the two-year-outdated cat was worthy of about $2,000.

“They have been extremely significant about the cat and its worth, and they may well want the cat for the Sandy Hook people,” he said. 

Jones also mentioned that they wanted to know if “belongings have been hidden in the cat.” 

He claimed it was harassment.


Jones has previously been accused by legal professionals of the Sandy Hook family members of shielding his property in the aftermath of the landmark defamation lawsuits.

In November, The Washington Article described that Jones had transferred millions of bucks out of his InfoWars mother or father business to entities managed by close friends and families, in advance of its bankruptcy submitting.

A additional recent revelation confirmed that Jones had paid far more than $1.3 million to his spouse and his mother and father, David Ross Jones and Carol Jones, according to a individual bankruptcy filing from February 14, 2023.

Jones’ personal personal bankruptcy has so significantly protected him from spending out defamation judgments and creditor collection efforts, but he is demanded to list all the particular and residence objects he owns. 

Jones mentioned three households in Austin, Texas, three cars and trucks, two boats, a number of guns, and more. Personal bankruptcy paperwork also showed that he is paying practically $100,000 a month on costs, even as the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit continues to move its way by way of the courts.

Jones also set his cat on his listing of personal and domestic possessions, but it truly is probable authorities have bigger belongings to go just after.