Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s be honest, a great dog is worth its weight in gold. Just look at those eyes light up with excitement every time their family comes home. Priceless. Some scientists also say that owning a dog improves emotional well-being and can boost physical health. Just ask your favorite dog owner and they’ll likely confirm all of the above. That’s why the best gifts for dog lovers put their prized pup in the spotlight and strengthen that unbreakable bond between a hound and its human.

When it comes to choosing gifts for dog lovers—and for pups themselves—there’s a confusing deluge of low-quality and simply meh options. But the special pets on your list deserve better, maybe even the best. Whether they love being perfectly groomed, playtime at the park or snoozing on a plush dog bed, here are 25 gift ideas that both dogs and their owners will adore.

The Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

A Cozy Memory Foam Dog Bed To Call Their Own

You’ve done the research to find yourself the best mattress, so don’t sleep on the job when it comes to the dog. Casper makes a durable dog bed comprised of their signature supportive memory foam that any pooch will sink into. Its cover is removable for easy machine washing, and dogs can dig at the extra material on top to achieve the desired spot (after circling a few times) and ultimately landing for a snooze. This doggie dream cloud is available in small, medium and large sizes, so grab the size that matches the breed best.

A Trendy Way To Tote Dog Walking Essentials

Dog lovers know to never leave home without two essentials: treats and poop bags. Wild One makes toting these items a fashion forward endeavor thanks to their Treat Pouch that’s available in six pleasing hues. For added convenience, the pouch includes roomy compartments for your personal belongings like your phone, keys and cash, too. Made of recycled knit (from 10 water bottles), the pouch has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as either a trendy belt bag or a cozy crossbody.

An LED Dog Collar To Light Up Evening Walks

A Fabulous And Photo-Ready Cashmere Sweater

A dog lover’s camera roll is likely overflowing with insanely cute pics of their pooch. Lots of people even create Instagram accounts solely dedicated to showing off their dogs fabulous and super cute life. The Lupo Sweater by Ruby Rufus is a classic 100{95b18eb6fc4f42efd0d92738dfc3fb79fde21da267a711ecdf0381147c27bb86} cashmere turtleneck sweater that will make any pup look picture perfect. Of course it’s functional too, serving to keep that spoiled, er lucky, dog warm on cold days.

A Custom Cookie Cutter Of Their Furry Friend’s Face

Now here’s a gift for the pet owner with a delicious sense of humor. Send in a picture of their beloved dog’s face, and receive an adorable cookie cutter made in their likeness in return. Use it to bake up a batch of cookies featuring their paws-itively precious face for their birthday celebration or to honor them on any occasion. Crafty bakers can also use this cookie cutter to whip up homemade dog biscuits, for a truly original treat.

A Pet Portrait To Perk Up Their Morning Cup

The only thing better than sipping on a hot cup of morning brew is sipping it from a mug with that sweet lovable face artfully painted front and center. Simply submit a favorite pet photo to receive an 11-ounce mug bearing a painterly interpretation of it along with a printed name at the top. Customize it further by choosing from four color options, two font types and featuring up to three pets on one mug. This is a heartwarming hit for any pet parent—guaranteed.

A Gift Set To Welcome Their Four-Legged Bundle Of Joy

This gift set, curated by luxury dog brand Harry Barker and customized by Mark & Graham, will help welcome the newest four-legged bundle of joy to their pack. The basket includes a fluffy blanket, a rope leash and rope toy, a llama plushie and a waste bag holder. All products are made of recycled and eco-conscious materials. Mark & Graham will monogram the basket with puppy’s name to ensure it houses all of their toys for a lifetime.

A Powerful Shower Attachment That Makes Bathing A Breeze

For the dog lover whose pet hates going to the groomer, this professional-grade bathing wand from Waterpik will be a welcome gift. It rinses all types of fur like a boss and can easily be attached to a showerhead pipe, garden hose or utility sink right at home. The Pet Wand Pro’s even comb-like streams of water can be adjusted on the fly via a dial on the handle for higher or lower pressure, flow control or to pause flow completely. The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro comes with an 8-foot-long hose, a garden hose adapter and a nifty shower diverter—so it can be left connected without affecting the human showerhead’s functionality.

A Handy Way To Always Know Exactly Where The Dog Is

Ever wonder where the dog goes when it sneaks out in to the neighborhood? Clip the Jiobit to any dog’s collar and find out. This real-time, waterproof and rugged GPS device sends a notification to your phone whenever the boundary of a “trusted location,” like the backyard, is crossed. If a fence is jumped, Mom and Dad can track down the dog’s location on a real-time map—which also offers tremendous peace of mind for almost any pet owner. Note: The Jiobit’s battery does need to be charged about once a week, and because Jiobit needs to communicate via a cellular network, it requires a $9 per month subscription.

A Minimalist Take On The Ceramic Dog Bowl

If you’ve noticed that your friend’s dog is still eating out of a cheap plastic bowl, help them step it up a notch. Fable’s smartly priced ceramic bowl has an easily cleaned glossy interior, a weighted base that won’t easily flip over and a rugged, food-safe and pup-tested construction. It’s available in four colors: rose, dark gray, light gray and “tofu,” which appears to be off-white. Whichever color you choose, this bowl’s minimalist design will blend into the home décor with ease.

A Hilarious Game of Hide And Squirrel Seek

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

Test the dog’s problem-solving abilities with this plush puzzle of stuffed squirrels hiding inside a log. Whether they’re searching on their own or with guidance from a human, the hidden squirrels encourage a dog’s natural hunting and foraging instincts. There are a slew of puzzle variations (including, a bee hive and a surf van) in a variety of sizes, and the animals are replaceable when they inevitably get chewed up.

A Colorful Take On Keeping Dogs Hydrated

Lesotc Travel Water Bottle For Dogs

There are plenty of human hydration options on the market, but this brilliantly designed water bottle is especially made for the dogs. Perfect to tote on walks, hiking and road trips, this water bottle’s folding cap can be used as a water bowl anytime, anywhere. It’s leakproof, BPA-free, lightweight and available in several sizes and colors.

A New Walk Set With Serious Style Points

Transform their daily walk into a fashion-forward frolic with this walk set from The Foggy Dog. The peaches and cream set includes a coordinating leash, matching harness and waste bag pouch—all featuring high-quality solid brass hardware. Available in multiple prints and sizes, there’s a set that almost any fashionable dog lover will adore.

A Passenger Side Dog Bed For Furry Co-Pilots

One of a dog’s great joys in life is a car ride alongside their favorite human. This car seat/dog bed hybrid gives dogs a safe and cozy position in the passenger seat. The pillows in the front and back of the seat help keep dogs cozy, and owners can attach their dog’s harness to the embedded strap as an added precaution. Made from waterproof and washable material, the lightweight car seat also folds up and has gym bag handles for easy transport.

A Pair Of Customized Socks Featuring Their Furry Friend’s Face

Owners will show off a sense of humor (and love for their dog) all the way to their toes by wearing these customizable socks. All you need to do is upload a photo of their precious pup and Tribe Socks will create a custom pair they’ll love fur-ever. Added bonus: Each pair is made of super-soft sustainable fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

An Uber-Practical Travel Bag For Big Adventures

Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Bag

Many travelers love taking their dog along as a partner in crime. When it’s time to pack up for a big outing, this airline approved carry-on travel bag makes it a breeze. The Top Dog travel bag comes with containers that store a week’s worth of food and treats, collapsible food and water bowls, a water bottle holder and plenty of room for toys, medications and grooming gear. Get ready for jet-setting, camping, hiking and beach days with a well-prepared pooch in tow.

A Custom-Made Watercolor Portrait Makes Your Pet A Masterpiece

Enamored dog owners could stare at their dog’s adorable face all day. Why not make a custom portrait of their living masterpiece that they can display proudly as wall art? Send in a prized photo of the dog and the Etsy artist at Pet Portrait Galaxy will create a sweet, hand painted custom watercolor portrait that perfectly captures its essence.

A Pair Of Warm Slip-Ons For Quick Walks In The Cold

Walks in the rain, sleet or snow are par for the course for people whose dog has to go outside when duty calls. These sustainably made Merino wool loungers from Allbirds, available in both men’s and women’s sizes, will make the job easier by keeping feet warm and cozy on quick jaunts and longer walks. The cushy insole and midsole are designed to contour to the wearer’s feet which makes slipping into these slip-ons so heavenly that heading out into the cold might not seem so bad.

A Slick Pet Carrier For All Types Of Excursions

The Out-Of-Office from Roverlund is a stylish airline-compliant pet carrier, car seat and travel bag, all in one. It comes with a coordinating, built-in leash that doubles as a carry strap for added security and convenience. Other thoughtful features include a waterproof, leakproof bottom, washable fleece interior lining, large pockets for storing treats and dog’s necessities, and the ability to fold flat for easy storage. The soft-sided Out-Of-Office is available in two sizes and a variety of solid and camouflage colorways.

A Seat Cover That Protects Against Muddy Paws

Treat a dog lover to a clean car and their dog to a comfy seat by gifting them this insulated seat cover. It shields the back seat after trips to the dog park, the beach or camping. The Boyt Two-Barrel Seat Cover has a reversible design that’s equipped with waterproof waxed canvas on one side and nylon fabric on the other, and adjustable buckles make it a cinch to attach the cover to the back seat headrests. Spray and wipe clean small messes—then simply let the cover air dry between adventures. When you detail the rest of the car, scrub the cover and hang it out to dry for a deeper clean.

A Chuckle-Inducing And Engravable Collar Tag

Every dog owner dreads their dog going rogue and running off. But, whether your favorite pet is a runner or not, a collar ID tag is a must. This one is sure to elicit a laugh with the phrase “have your people call my people” on the front in scratch-resistant enamel. The price of the tag includes a monogram or name and owner’s phone number engraved on the flip side.

A Set Of Dog Grooming Scissors That Make The Cut

In recent years, out of necessity, many of us dabbled in doing our dog grooming at home. Here’s an upgrade for the owners who are never going back to the groomer (the savings are astounding!). They’ll keep honing those scissor skills with this set of professional grade, titanium coated, stainless steel grooming tools. Two pairs of straight scissors, one pair of thinning scissors, one curved pair of scissors and a grooming comb make it easier to trim and tend to a dog’s fur. The safety round tips are also a smart addition to keep dogs safe from accidental pokes.

A Bag Of Bakery-Quality Probiotic Dog Treats

The Honest Kitchen Goat’s Milk N’ Cookies Blueberries & Vanilla Dog Treats

We all know those puppy dog eyes that are begging for a treat. Make their day and toss them a gourmet cookie the next time you succumb to their charms. These Goat’s Milk n’ Cookies snacks from The Honest Kitchen are a treat that owners can feel good about giving. Far from standard filler-fueled treats, these whole-grain dog cookies are made in the USA with real goat’s milk (which contains probiotics to support digestion), blueberries and a hint of vanilla. Just as important is what they don’t contain: GMO ingredients, artificial preservatives, by-products and fillers.

A Luxurious Personalized Robe For Post-Bath Drying Time

Pups will feel warm and cozy when wrapped in this personalized, hooded robe post-bath. The ultra-soft robe features Velcro closures for a secure fit, and microfiber material that aids in quick drying. It also includes an embroidered pawprint alongside which you can have the dog’s name embroidered as well. Note: Black thread is used for the pawprint and name. The towel itself is available in three sizes and nine color options to perfectly pair with most pooch personalities.

An Organic Wild Cherry Shampoo And Coat Spritz Power Duo

Earthbath Puppy Grooming Bundle

When it’s time for a bath, the shampoo needs to be gentle, do the hard work and, at the same time, make your canine’s coat smell great. Earthbath’s luxurious wild cherry 3-in-1 formula (shampoo, conditioner and detangler) will leave dogs’ skin and fur super soft fur with a fresh wild cherry scent that you’ll want to nuzzle. Between baths, use the included spritz to conveniently deodorize and detangle frazzled fur.

Beyond the sweet scent and practicality of this grooming duo, dog owners will appreciate the cruelty-free, natural and organic ingredients of Earthbath products. They’ll also be glad that the shampoo and spray contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes or alcohol.