Can Dogs Eat Flax Seeds?

Not all human foodstuff can be shared with our dogs, as substantially as we might want to! That is why we get so fired up when we find healthier human foodstuff that canine can also take in.

This post will explore no matter whether puppies can eat flaxseeds, the hazards, and how to feed flaxseed to your doggy safely and securely.

Is Flaxseed Secure for Dogs?

flax seed in a jute bag
Flaxseed is harmless for pet dogs, with a few exceptions.


Flaxseed is safe and sound for pet dogs, with a number of exceptions. First of all, the total seed can be tricky to digest and poses a choking hazard, specially for modest pet dogs.

It also is made up of a quite compact amount of cyanide – which, of course, can poison canines in large adequate quantities. This indicates that your puppy can get ill if it eats far too much flaxseed, so it’s vital to retail store it out of its achieve.

If the seeds aren’t soaked, they include phytic acid. This is an antioxidant that would make it far more complicated for your dog’s overall body to take up nutrition. Soaking the seeds can help take away phytic acid, making the seeds healthier to eat.

And finally, make sure the flaxseed is continue to superior, or it can make your canine unwell. The most effective way to retailer both equally entire and floor flaxseed is to refrigerate them.

Flaxseed is greatest fed in both powder or oil variety. You can get either from the shop or make flaxseed powder you.

Now that we know flaxseed is safe, let us dive deeper and explore its added benefits and a number of threats to look at out for.

Positive aspects of Flaxseed for Dogs

  • Omega-3 and omega-6 cut down inflammation, which can enable puppies with arthritis experience a lot less soreness. This tends to make flaxseed a excellent nutritional supplement for senior canine or massive breeds in certain.
  • Anti-oxidants help a wholesome immune method and also market excellent coat and pores and skin overall health. This can assist dogs with itchy pores and skin, dandruff, or allergic reactions.
  • Fiber allows your dog’s digestive method operate efficiently. If your canine is susceptible to an upset abdomen, flaxseed might help.

Challenges of Flaxseed for Puppies

  • If your dog eats a significant volume of flaxseed, it pitfalls suffering from cyanide poisoning. Only feed flaxseed in incredibly modest amounts. A few of tablespoons for big puppies, and even considerably less for smaller sized pups, is sufficient.

If you observe signs like diarrhea, improved coronary heart amount, or significant blood tension (dilated pupils, weakness, disorientation, irregular or bloody urine, nose bleeds), see a veterinarian right away.

  • Entire flaxseeds can pose a choking hazard and be difficult to digest, in particular if they are not soaked right away.
  • When they have not been soaked overnight, flaxseeds contain phytic acid. This can make it far more challenging for your puppy to absorb the nutrition it desires from both equally the flaxseed and other meals.
  • Far too considerably fiber from flaxseed can cause constipation.
  • Spoiled flaxseed can make your doggy sick, so be guaranteed to verify the expiration day!
  • Any new meals can result in belly upset, which is why it’s vital to start off with a really smaller amount and keep track of your pet for indications like diarrhea, vomiting, or stomach agony or soreness.
  • Flaxseed might be unsafe if your canine will take blood thinners, given that it also has anti-clotting qualities.

Can Canine Be Allergic To Flaxseed?

Happy dog waiting to be fed
Canine can be allergic to flaxseed.

©Jaromir Chalabala/

Puppies can be allergic to flaxseed. If your dog is allergic, do not give it flaxseed. Allergic reactions can variety from moderate (itchiness) to severe (anaphylactic shock).

If your dog displays signs like breaking out in hives, swelling in the deal with, difficulty in respiration, blue gums or tongue, too much drooling, vomiting, or diarrhea after having flaxseed, see an crisis veterinarian appropriate absent. These are signs of anaphylactic shock, which might be lethal if left untreated.

How To Give Flaxseed to Dogs

The best way to give your pet dog flaxseed is to make or obtain flaxseed powder. 

Building it yourself will conserve funds and is excellent for these who like to inventory materials in bulk. Entire flaxseeds don’t will need to be refrigerated and have a longer shelf-life, so you can obtain them and grind them into powder as-required.

Here’s how:

  • Soak the seeds in water overnight.
  • Drain the drinking water from the seeds.
  • Grind the seeds into powder using a coffee grinder, blender, or foods processor.
  • Retail store in a glass jar in the fridge to optimize shelf-daily life.

Don’t forget to make modest amounts of flaxseed powder at a time due to the fact you must only be feeding your puppy incredibly modest amounts, and it doesn’t continue to be excellent for very extended!

Can Canine Have Flaxseed Oil?

Canines can have flaxseed oil, yes! However, it is important to know that the oil incorporates less nutritional added benefits than the powder.

You will not uncover the very same amounts of fiber and vitamin B1, amongst some others. But you will nonetheless get omega 3 and 6 if individuals fatty acids are what you are seeking for.

Take into account what positive aspects you want to give your pet dog by feeding it flaxseed, and make your decision from there.

Does Pet Foodstuff Comprise Flaxseed?

Some pet foods do consist of flaxseed. We propose searching at the elements in your dog’s food stuff ahead of feeding it flaxseed due to the fact you might be offering it something it is now having ample of!

Can I Give My Pet dog Flaxseed Each individual Working day?

Flax seeds on wooden spoon
It is secure to give your pet tiny amounts of flaxseed each day.


It is safe to give your dog little amounts of flaxseed day-to-day. Most men and women do so by adding it to their dog’s kibble.

Nonetheless, you should constantly discuss to your veterinarian just before switching your dog’s day-to-day diet program. The veterinarian can suggest you on no matter if everyday flaxseed is nutritious for your pet dog and irrespective of whether it’ll aid your pet in the methods you’re looking for.

If your doggy has an ongoing health challenge or signs or symptoms like harmful skin and coat, itching, diarrhea, or joint ache, be sure to take note that flaxseed can not swap veterinary care and medication. 

When flaxseed can simplicity signs in some canine, it’s crucial that your veterinarian look at your puppy out, diagnose it if required, and offer therapy that gets to the root of the trouble.

It can be tempting to try out house remedies in its place of observing a vet, but this can in the long run worsen your dog’s wellbeing.

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