Cat Full of Attitude Filmed Passing Back Stolen Sponge: ‘The Audacity’

Cat Full of Attitude Filmed Passing Back Stolen Sponge: ‘The Audacity’

A video clip of a cat providing its proprietor an “angle” when returning an object it stole has absent viral on TikTok, the place it had obtained more than 843,000 views at the time of writing.

The clip shared from the TikTok account @pennythegingercat was posted with a caption that read through: “It can be the audacity for me.”

The movie confirmed the cat, identified as Penny, sitting on the floor of a dwelling room, holding an object in its mouth. A information overlaid on the movie stated: “You stole my kitchen area sponge and now mama wants it again.”

As a further concept demonstrated throughout the movie examine: “Give it back again to me make sure you. Suitable now. Please hand it over,” the cat was viewed abruptly flicking the sponge throughout the floor toward the digital camera as the clip finished.

Cat looking annoyed.
A stock image of a cat seeking aggravated while sitting down on a doormat. A video clip of a cat with “attitude” flinging a stolen sponge back at its proprietor has long gone viral on TikTok.
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A cat’s obsession with objects it really is gotten maintain of could be down to its hunter origins.

“Cats are all-natural hunters, so their toys will be most attention-grabbing if they are the dimensions and texture of prey, if they can be moved all over in such a way as to signify small prey (mice, insects, lizards, birds), or if they incorporate tasty foods or treats,” veterinarians Debra Horwitz, Gary Landsberg and Theresa DePorter spelled out in an article for VCA, one of North America’s largest animal healthcare facility chains.

In an additional write-up for VCA, Horwitz and Landsberg said it’s typically the easy toys, this kind of as ones that give unpredictable and rapid movement as very well as a high-pitched seem, that are likely to deliver your cat with “hrs of enjoyment.”

The veterinarians advised: “It is important to maintain in thoughts that some pets may have intense chew toughness and could likely ingest bone or toy materials. Animals should be monitored and supervised, at least at first, with all toys. If a pet will chew off pieces of a product, then this solution is not encouraged for them.”

The hottest viral video clip has left customers on TikTok in stitches.

In a remark that obtained 8,911 likes, person @iammasadilla stated the cat will have to have been declaring: “Fantastic take it” by throwing the sponge toward the owner.

Person angeliz [heart emoji] wrote: “The mind-set [face crying floods of tears emoji],” while consumer Cik Da reported: “hahahaha…ohhhh..what an mindset [crying laughing emojis].”

Consumer @ruizgisale wrote: “The stage of disrespect [crying laughing emoji]” whilst Red stated: “I really like how she [the cat] flings it, ‘fine, I failed to want it anyway’.”

Evan Williams stated: “You know just after the video slash off, she [the cat] slammed a doorway somewhere.”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for remark. This movie has not been independently confirmed.

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