Check if you are the right man to be a dog guardian

Check if you are the right man to be a dog guardian

Almost everyone has wanted to have a dog at least once in their life. At such a moment, we consider which breed suits us best and check its needs. It would be interesting to reverse the situation and consider whether we meet the basic requirements that every dog guardian should have, especially since there are no official requirements, permits or guidelines for a person who wants to take care of a pet.

Living conditions

An important issue is the decision of where we will designate a permanent place for the dog. Do we have space for a bed – e.g. from the wide range of BB Republic’s products – or a cage at home? Or maybe we plan to keep our pet in a kennel in the yard? It’s a good idea to answer these basic questions in advance and designate a place where the person under your care will be able to relax and rest, and where they will spend most of their day.


Are there any special character traits that a dog guardian should have? A dog owner should behave in an empathetic manner. The ability to pick up non-verbal signals will make it easier to establish a bond with your dog. Self-control and patience will also help develop healthy habits, and consistency will be essential in the process of teaching a young dog. One more feature will be indispensable – self-confidence, thanks to which the dog will recognize us as the leader of the home herd and will obey our decisions without any problems.

Day schedule

Another key issue is whether we are ready to devote some of our time to the dog every day – providing it with exercise, fun, learning and taking care of its health. Will we want to adapt our daily rhythm to the needs of our new family members? Analysing the problem from a broader perspective, we should be aware of the limitations of organizing longer trips in advance.

Specific breed requirements

There is a growing awareness that people can’t take care of a dog of any breed. If someone does not have minimal leadership skills, they cannot look after a dog of a strongly dominant breed, such as a Doberman. On the other hand, a guardian who needs care and quiet company from his pet will not be the right owner for an exuberant Husky.

Health reasons

Before deciding to bring a dog into your home, you must rule out any allergies related to its presence. Dogs require regular exercise, so the owner should be ready for daily physical exercise.

The issues described above are a basic checklist for everyone who dreams of bringing a dog into their home. It is worth analysing every aspect of the pet’s constant presence and its capabilities, which will eliminate unpleasant surprises and make us enjoy the company of our four-legged friend every day.

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