Confusion as Man Wakes Up to Find Stray Cat Napping With Him on Couch

Confusion as Man Wakes Up to Find Stray Cat Napping With Him on Couch

A man was startled to wake up from a nap with a cat he did not identify sitting on his lap.

Ken Bragg, 54, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Spot, had fallen asleep on his sofa and he awoke to obtain the stray cat curled up with him.

“I had fallen asleep with the Television on, and when I woke up the cat was on my lap,” Bragg advised Newsweek. “My wife and I experienced observed her all over the neighborhood, we are pretty absolutely sure she’s a stray. She appears to be expecting far too.”

Bragg shared the story of his unexpected visitor on Reddit’s well-known r/aww forum, where it has acquired over 84,000 upvotes. He and his spouse personal three cats by themselves, so waking up with feline corporation is not uncommon. But he was amazed when he understood the cat on his lap was not 1 of his possess.

Cat on lap
Pictured is the stray cat that Ken Bragg was surprised to find on his lap after he woke from a nap on the couch.
Ken Bragg

A stray cat may pay a visit to your property since it is in search of shelter, food items or awareness. At times, it could come above to struggle with the resident cat.

“She have to have appear in through our cat door,” Bragg explained. “Potentially she noticed a person of my personal cats come in via it and followed fit.”

Cat flaps give resident cats straightforward obtain to your home but usually make it possible for any community cat to appear in. If you are wanting to avoid uninvited attendees, it is a excellent notion to spend in a cat flap that only your cats can accessibility.

Some cat flaps permit you to method your pet’s microchip so that it opens only for your pet. Also, getting a cat flap that can manually be locked is useful for closing the door when your pet is securely inside.

If you won’t be able to alter the kind of cat flap fitted in your house, try out to make the location encompassing your cat flap as unappealing as probable. For example, make sure that your cat’s food stuff is not situated suitable inside the cat flap.

Bragg’s unpredicted visitor didn’t appear also fazed by her new environment. “She was surprisingly quiet when I woke up. I looked at her and claimed, ‘Oh, good day,’ and she answered again, ‘Mow.’ But she continued to just cling out on my lap,” he explained.

Redditors ended up delighted by the cat’s nap time and shared their reactions in 1000’s of remarks.

“Your cats informed him about how cozy your lap is,” mentioned a person commenter, whilst yet another wrote: “The common cat distribution program strikes once again. +1 for you.”

Bragg explained, “I shared the image on Reddit since I assumed it was these types of an unconventional matter to have happened, and I imagined folks may get a giggle out of it. I was genuinely surprised at how quite a few upvotes it obtained.”

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