Eagle-versus-cat standoff in Vancouver park captured in photos, video

Eagle-versus-cat standoff in Vancouver park captured in photos, video

An East Vancouver man captured an not likely animal encounter when an each day dwelling cat and a majestic bald eagle had a tense faceoff in a park.

Peter Davidson was at the Cunningham Elementary playground, near Nanaimo Road and East 37th Avenue, with his two-yr-aged son Saturday. 

Also at the park was Bruno, his neighbour’s pleasant orange tabby.

Then it bought a small a lot more crowded: a bald eagle swooped down onto the field to drink from a puddle.

An orange tabby cat walks across an asphalt field to a bald eagle drinking at a mud puddle.
Bruno — possibly unwisely — methods the thirsty eagle. (Peter Davidson)

“I seen the cat checking it out correct absent,” Davidson stated. “I assumed they might basically get together.”

A good deal of outside cats stalk birds but Bruno apparently has more ambition than most.

Photos and video display the feline cautiously approaching the raptor, again somewhat arched and tail twitching.

Watch | Peter Davidson’s video of the showdown in between Bruno and the eagle: 

Vancouver gentleman captures tense experience amongst cat and bald eagle

A maybe as well-bold tabby and a cautious bald eagle satisfied in a park and sized every single other up.

“The eagle sort of puffed itself up and did form of a bluff charge or two,” Davidson explained.

Luckily, no animals have been harmed in the generating of this tale. Just after a several tense minutes, Davidson stated, the eagle flew off.

Bruno chased following it, he additional, possibly declaring victory in the dust-up more than a mud puddle.

An orange cat stalks a bald eagle drinking from a puddle on a gravel sports field.
Davidson claimed the eagle puffed by itself up and gave Bruno a ‘bluff charge’ when he arrived far too close. (Peter Davidson)

‘Wasn’t specifically the smartest cat’

Chicken pro Rob Hope with the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society states it really is a fantastic thing cats and eagles typically do not tangle incredibly typically.

“Was not accurately the smartest cat on the block,” Hope reported following viewing Davidson’s shots and movie.

Urban eagles, he said, are frequently savvy about domesticated pets and steer obvious.

But if the encounter did escalate, he stated, probably by the cat pouncing, the eagle would either flee or use its talons to shield itself, which “would have been not quite very.”

“They can defend by themselves towards anything,” Hope said. “We’ve even noticed and had reports of a bald eagle defending alone against coyotes.”

Eagles never hunt animals as a rule, he additional, but sometimes can oversight kittens or really small pet dogs as rodents.

He’s glad the eagle decided to rooster out.

“If [the eagle] seriously preferred to do some thing in that scenario, it absolutely could’ve,” Hope explained. “It could’ve turned horrible, which nobody wishes to see.”