Enjoy the unique wild birds around Lake Conroe

Enjoy the unique wild birds around Lake Conroe

It is not unknown for me to get on my soapbox and rant and rave about the mass destruction in our space triggered by persons mindlessly destroying the habitat for what appears to be practically nothing much more than greed for money and electricity.

Even so, if you search back into the history of our globe and our place that is the way items have usually been. Now, what was that scripture says about “false gods?”

If you would like some appealing and educational looking at that has not been twisted by academia or liberal historians attempting to rewrite heritage, get a seem at the book, “Lone Star: A Historical past of Texas and the Texans” by T. R. Fehrenbach.

Other than the mass destruction by mankind, enable me level out some of the magnificence today in which I marvel virtually just about every day the place I stay up at the north conclusion of Lake Conroe.

This yr, so significantly, I have seen an abundance of stunning birds close to our residence and showing also on the lake. I imagine we have noticed much more Bald Eagles this yr than at any other solitary time considering the fact that we moved listed here in excess of 30 several years in the past and they are a spectacular sight. We have witnessed several fishing over the lake and in situation you haven’t witnessed them nonetheless, you have a marvelous sight awaiting you.

When you glimpse up and see a massive bird in the sky, numerous situations you will ask oneself if that is a buzzard or an eagle? But when you see a Bald Eagle you know it can be a Bald Eagle and there is no doubt in your intellect!

One particular tell tale that distinguishes raptors from buzzards soaring, is when you see a buzzard, their wings make a ‘V’ with their overall body that is distinct and quickly recognizable. When eagles and hawks are soaring or traveling, their wings are totally flat across their bodies from wingtip to wingtip. You will also observe that the eagles are considerably more substantial then the vultures or other raptors and when you see their white heads and the white tails there is just no doubt in your brain that you are seeking at a Bald Eagle.

An additional place that can be recognized is buzzards seem to lazily float in the air but eagles, besides becoming a lot larger, fly more quickly and seem that they are on a mission. If they are flying on the degree in no certain hurry they are moving at a speed of around 30 miles for each hour. However, if they are hunting they can dive at a pace of 100 miles for each hour.

So much this year it has not been unusual for us to see as numerous as four or far more eagles at a time circling and fishing in an spot about the lake what a sight.

This is also correct with Ospreys (indicating fish hawk) that are significant brown raptors with a wing span that can method six toes, but not as massive as a bald eagle that might have a wing span of up to seven and one 50 percent feet.

A single working day not long ago, fishing guide Butch Terpe and I were being out crappie fishing and it was a distinct sky and lovely working day. We both seemed up about the exact same time and there flying proper down the center of the lake heading from north to south, was an osprey with a large black bass in it truly is talons and the fish was pointed in the similar course that the hen was traveling. It was a mesmerizing and wonderful site.

Up in this article wherever we dwell there is a huge eagle nest in close proximity to the prime of a tall pine tree. It seems to be like a enormous platform. There has been a nesting pair in that tree for a few or 4 decades at the very least that I know of and from what I obtain about the Bald Eagles is they mate for lifetime and every single 12 months just add to last many years nest. I locate them fascinating.

Pelicans can also be found on occasion on Lake Conroe usually in the slide and early spring. A pair weeks in the past I was walking down by the lake and there in the cove was a raft of pelicans that would have come shut to masking a soccer area. They have been generally white pelicans, but there ended up some brown types mixed in with the bunch.

A prevalent sight for me are Terrific Blue Herons. Just this early morning I noticed a person of the largest and most vibrant great blue herons wading in the water down at our boat dock that I have ever found, it was stunning. It is not strange to see one particular down there or any where in the shallows for they are fishing and with the shad running ideal now and that is one particular of their favorite foods.

My wife Pam has a chook feeder on the south side of our home so she can sit in her recliner and observe the myriad of lovely birds as they take in and bathe in just one of her chicken baths. At almost whenever you can see Cardinals male and woman, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Golden Finches and even a Redheaded Woodpecker on event.

So people if you want to appreciate Mom Nature’s bounty and the birds that she presents for us, get a fowl identification book for Southeast Texas and study what we have listed here in this space and you can see some of the prettiest birds enjoying about ideal in the vicinity of your household.