From a bad-tempered cat to a dog with skin problems – your pet queries answered

From a bad-tempered cat to a dog with skin problems – your pet queries answered

HE is on a mission to help our pets  . . . and is right here to remedy YOUR concerns.

Sean, who is the head vet at personalized pet foodstuff organization, has helped with owners’ queries for ten years. He claims: “If your pet is acting funny or is below the weather, or you want to know about nourishment or exercising, just ask. I can support continue to keep animals delighted and wholesome.”

Sean helps a reader with a bad-tempered cat


Sean can help a reader with a poor-tempered catCredit score: Getty
Sean McCormack, head vet at, promises he can 'help keep pets happy and healthy'


Sean McCormack, head vet at, guarantees he can ‘help keep animals happy and healthy’Credit history: Doug Seeburg – The Sunlight

Q) MY eight-12 months-outdated cat Mo is genuinely undesirable-tempered.

He hates the postman, staying woken up and often even me.

He rather considerably hates almost everything other than staying fed.

Any suggestions to cheer him up?

Sam Davies, Brighton

Sean says: This could just be his cause for remaining, and who are we to concern it?

Or it’s possible there’s a thing else likely on.

You do not offer a lot depth which would make my guessing game more difficult. Is he outdated?

Could he be in agony, with arthritis and rigid joints, perhaps?

That would make me fairly grumpy, if I’m honest.

And we typically obtain it hard to recognise pain in our animals, firstly, for the reason that they really don’t speak our ­language.

Secondly, they are inclined to disguise it and just get along with lifestyle as most effective they can.

I’d hugely advise a vet check out so he can have a whole bodily exam

Q) MY 16-thirty day period-aged neutered Chihuahua Daisy has concerns with food stuff, treats and toy-guarding, growling and attacking.

We’ve experienced her from eight weeks outdated and we have taken her out each working day, all over the place, socialising her.

Her barking at nearly anything that moves began at six months.

1 minute she seems like butter wouldn’t soften then the future second she will start herself at you, snarling with teeth exhibiting and hackles raised.

She is a daring, assured canine but rather frankly I’m getting pressured out with her and I am a tiny frightened of her.

Be sure to can you permit us know where by we went wrong and is there any hope for this circumstance

Lynne Owen, Wolverhampton

Sean claims: There’s a explanation why some people connect with Chihuahuas land-sharks.

But I’m not a supporter of just painting an entire breed with this kind of broad brushstrokes.

Especially when we can easily understand why these puppies are prone to creating these kinds of behavioural problems.

Initially of all, they are definitely small so the environment is an daunting location for them.

They also frequently get handled pretty much as accessories (I’m not stating you do) but their means to management their ecosystem and location in it typically suffers when they are picked up all the time or just not authorized to be small canine.

1 way of telling persons, other canine or anything at all that feels threatening to back again off is for them to demonstrate aggression by growling, barking and so on.

Chihuahuas have that travel and a cause to perform it.

If it serves them a reason it can become ingrained.

A great behaviourist can come and help Daisy to be significantly less angsty.

A) IS there anything I can test to help my rescued Akita, Coco, as she keeps scratching and licking her paws?

We have tried using diverse pet dog food items for skin.

We are not absolutely sure of her age but we assume she is about 5.

She has no sore patches but her paws are quite pink.

I took her in since the male who had her could not glimpse after her.

We are up to date with common flea cure.

Toni Phillips, Loughton, Essex

 Sean states: Weak Coco. It is pretty annoying to be so itchy all the time.

And frustrating also that there is a extended listing of probable leads to.

Unfortunately, obtaining to a organization diagnosis of the precise cause can be a tough, time-consuming and occasionally pricey course of action.

Coco could have food stuff allergies, so a hypoallergenic diet regime rather than one just formulated for balanced pores and skin is an strategy.

Significantly much more prevalent would be environmental allergies to pollens, fungal spores, home dust mites and the like.

Your very best wager is to go to your vet, discuss about a reasonable spending plan and appear up with a prepare alongside one another.

Star of the 7 days

BEAGLE Lola is best of the pups when it will come to classical audio.

Proprietors Amy, 38, and Scott McKenzie, 44, from Ellon, Aberdeenshire, say the 12-yr-aged pooch not only has an astounding sense of scent – typical of Beagles – but she has acquired an awesome ear for the greats too.

Beagle Lola is top of the pups when it comes to classical music


Beagle Lola is leading of the pups when it arrives to classical songsCredit: Equipped

Amy claimed: “Lola enjoys chilling out to classical music and her favourite tune to doze off to is Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Tchaikovsky.”

Lola, who has battled serious health concerns like epilepsy, also lives with rescue canine sisters Ayda and April.

Amy added: “She’s a pretty courageous girl.”

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We’ve joined forces with Xiaomi to provide two visitors the chance to acquire equally its £99.99 wise pet food items feeder and £54.99 sensible pet fountain, created for cats and little to medium-sized animals.

You can plan mealtimes or feed them remotely by the Xiaomi application.

To enter, deliver an email headed XIAOMI to sundaypets@the-sun. co.united kingdom by February 12.

See T&Cs use.

Two in ten have attempted tiddles’ nibbles

TWO out of ten cat-enthusiasts have secretly nibbled pet food items, a new poll has located.

Homeowners discovered they tend to indulge because they either like the taste or to stimulate their cat to consume its evening meal.

A poll has found that two out of ten cat-lovers have secretly nibbled pet food


A poll has discovered that two out of 10 cat-fans have secretly nibbled pet food itemsCredit: Getty

The most significant culprits appear from Birmingham, with 25 for each cent proudly owning up to trying their moggy’s grub.

London is next at 23 for each cent, Sheffield and ­Norwich came joint third (22 for every cent) and Manchester fourth with 21 for each cent.

Glasgow and Bristol came joint fifth on 16 per cent forward of Brighton in sixth spot on 14 for each cent and Nottingham seventh on 12 for every cent.

Cat owners in eighth-place Cardiff are the minimum possible to tuck into pet food items with just 9 for every cent.

A spokesman for pet treat model Acana, who did the survey, stated: “It could be the texture, the scent or the packaging that awakens Brits’ curiosity to check out their cat’s food.”

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I live in the 'world's luckiest town' - I took home £370m & neighbours won big too head vet Sean McCormack explained: “There’s this notion that pet foodstuff is someway gross or unpalatable, but in reality it uses the elements of farm animals we have a tendency not to consume.

“Delicious and nutritious, it is also earth-pleasant to use these elements soon after people get the ‘best cuts’.”