Gift ideas for pets and pet lovers this holiday season

Gift ideas for pets and pet lovers this holiday season

Gift-giving presents a conundrum. Is it better to give something useful, such as a 112-bit screwdriver set, or something whimsical, such as a cat-sized iron throne? There is no right answer. That’s why our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, curated by Post reporters and editors, includes suggestions at both ends of the practicality spectrum. With a wide range of gift ideas in nine categories — we’ve even included some that are functional and fun — this guide will make the process just a little bit easier.









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Has someone been a very good boy or girl this year? ’Tis the season to spoil your pets and the pet lovers in your life.

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Frisco: Volcano Hide & Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

$11.82| Perfect for mentally stimulating an active pup, this puzzle toy comes with six squeaky dinosaurs and a soft volcano to stuff them into for a game of hide-and-seek.

Buy from Chewy

Cacaopets: Iron Throne Cardboard Cat House

$65 | This cardboard cat chair is the perfect gift for someone who loves “Game of Thrones” almost as much as they love their cats. Self-assembly required.

Buy from Cacao Pets

Owlet: Home Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

$99.99 | This camera offers a reprieve to the pets and pet parents who are mourning a return to the office, allowing owners to remotely see, hear, talk to and give treats to their furry friends.

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Travel Cat: ‘The Original’ Cat Backpack

$99.99 | With a bubble window that creates a spaceship effect, this hard-sided backpack is a great way to let your feline friends take in the outdoors in style. Try “The Fat Cat” for larger cats.

Buy from Travel Cat

Dash: Mini Dog Treat Maker

$19.99 | Spot gets his own appliance with this home kitchen-scale treat maker that allows indulgent owners to create six DIY doggy bones with their own ingredients.

Buy from Dash

Lucy & Co.: Santa Land Reversible Teddy Vest

$45 | Cute as well as practical, these vests come in seven reversible patterns and sizes ranging from small to 2XL and are equipped with zip closures and a leash clasp opening for easy walking.

Buy from Lucy & Co.

Molly Mutt: Dreams Dog Duvet

$25-$65 (available in seven sizes) | This 100 percent cotton canvas dog bed duvet cover comes in a variety of modern prints and makes it easy to keep your pup’s sleeping quarters clean.

Buy from Molly Mutt

Tuff Pupper: PupFlask Water Bottle

$26.96 | This stainless-steel 27-ounce bottle allows dogs to quench their thirst on the go. The flip-up “leaf” creates a bowl and leakproof buttons open and close to release water.

Buy from Tuff Pupper

Yeowww!: Catnip Chi-CAT-a Banana

$18.70 | These banana-shaped toys are a fun twist on the classic catnip mouse. Each set includes three of the intoxicating bananas.

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Frisco: Small Pet Wooden Fruit Assortment

$6.74 | These colorful toys for small pets — hamsters, chinchillas, degus, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits and rats, to be more precise — are made from pet-safe materials and channel your rodent’s relentless urge to chew.

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