How to deal with your cat’s urinary blockage | Ask Dr. Kait | Lifestyles

A urinary blockage in a male cat is a distressing and daily life-threatening situation that often arrives on extremely suddenly. This quite prevalent affliction progresses rapidly from onset to a essential emergency. For this motive, it is essential that male cat homeowners know the symptoms so they know what to view for.

1st, it will be beneficial to understand the basics of what takes place with a urinary blockage. Male cats have pretty slender urethras (the tube that carries the urine from the bladder by the penis). Because of to the narrow passage, it will take extremely tiny to interfere with the move of urine. When a blockage occurs, the urethra will get plugged with crystals, stones, mucus, or a mix of the a few.

In early levels, cat homeowners may possibly recognize their pet likely in and out of the litter box with good frequency. As the dilemma commences to acquire, the cat begins feeling soreness. This often success in refusing to consume. Abnormal vocalizations are sometimes noticed, these as crying or howling. Cats with urinary challenges could overgroom their genitals or the base of the tail. Hiding or avoiding human contact is a different typical symptom. If you recognize these indicators but your cat is nevertheless equipped to expel urine, then a blockage may possibly be in an early phase. You must make an appointment to see your veterinarian suitable absent. If your cat is exhibiting these signals and simply cannot move urine, a full blockage has very likely transpired. This signifies toxic compounds are developing up in your cat’s overall body. Demise can take place in between 24 and 48 hrs. For this purpose, you really should move forward to your veterinarian or the closest pet crisis medical center straight away.