How to help fascinating reptiles survive modern life

How to help fascinating reptiles survive modern life

As I was wrapping up property operate on Sunday night time, I observed a turtle ambling down the road. Not crossing the street, she was walking parallel to traffic. I determined she was in danger, and to assistance her get off the road.

I also wondered how I have lived my entire existence without having encountering a turtle on the highway?

Apparently, late Might and early June is nesting year for turtles, and lots of other animals. This could have been a woman turtle hoping to obtain bigger floor with dry, sandy soil in which to lay her eggs. 

It was not a snapping turtle but was even now prehistoric-seeking due to the fact turtles are one particular of the oldest reptiles on earth. Though I contemplated my following stage, I commenced directing cars and trucks all-around the turtle. I also remembered a warning from the 1970s about (pet shop) turtles and salmonella and fixed to clean my arms totally.

Barbara Banaian

Turtles have a finely honed sense of direction. They have an internal navigational procedure which reliably returns them to the spot at which they have been hatched, and later laid their eggs. They are homebodies and have a range in which they stay their whole lives. They rarely vacation considerably from their birthplace, and if they are much more than 1½ miles absent, they can grow to be puzzled and stop consuming. They can even move absent.