‘I only want to caress them’

Black-winged Stilts: ‘I only want to caress them’

07 January, 2023, 03:00 pm

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The wading Black-winged Stilts looked exquisite and cute further than the limits of anyone’s narrative electric power. We felt possibly as poet Pablo Neruda did while looking at a handful of endearing birds. In a poem titled ‘Ode To Fowl Watching’ the Nobel Laureate wrote:

I only want
to caress them,
to see them resplendent.

These splendid Black-winged Stilts made use of to take a look at all the beels and h2o-holes of Bangladesh only a several decades before. They are no longer as common right here while carrying out very perfectly at other sites in 5 continents. Below we have to travel to distant destinations like Choruil beel to meet up with them.   

Two Black-winged Stilts traveling around us identified as ‘pit pit pit pit’ to permit many others know that they would like to have enterprise. The two Stilts wading right before us promptly responded and took off to be a part of them. The 4 Stilts soon landed on the bank exactly where a couple additional Stilts had been resting. The Stilts basically love corporation.

Black-winged Stilts flying. Picture: Enam Ul Haque

Black-winged Stilts flying. Photo: Enam Ul Haque

Black-winged Stilts traveling. Picture: Enam Ul Haque

In flight, the Black-winged Stilt looked really distinct for the reason that of its slender white physique with the extended trailing pink legs energetically propelled by two pointed black wings. Those people extremely acutely angled wings ended up created for long-length migration flights, although many Stilts do not travel very much.

At numerous sites the Black-winged Stilts have grow to be sedentary, dwelling in just one position round the yr. They nest on the floor around water bodies. They want corporation even at the breeding areas and quite often nest colonially. They are, nevertheless, not previously mentioned some noisy disputes with neighbours following door.  

Black-winged Stilt hatchlings feed on their own leaving their mom and dad to do only the guard obligation. That may perhaps be a single of the factors for their good results. The Stilts have been undertaking rather effectively when the populations of several other shorebirds are declining precipitously all about the planet.

Black-winged Stilt strolling. Image: Enam Ul Haque

Black-winged Stilt walking. Photo: Enam Ul Haque

Black-winged Stilt strolling. Photograph: Enam Ul Haque

Another feasible purpose for the proliferation of the Black-winged Stilt may well very well be its spectacular, noble and harmless appears to be like. It is complicated for the cruellest of gentlemen to look at this hen and believe what it would style like as a table meat. No surprise no famed cookbook writer has a recipe for the Stilt.

The Black-winged Stilt, on the other hand, is not secure in Bangladesh considering the fact that the shorebirds are generally poisoned not shot or trapped listed here. And the poison are unable to discriminate between the stunning and not so attractive birds. Also, we have been poisoning its foods through the overuse of pesticides and pesticides. 

In addition, much of the banking companies of our h2o bodies are littered and polluted to the extent that no self-respecting Black-winged Stilt would like to phase on it.