If you have a cat, you’re wasting money if you aren’t trying any of these clever things

If you have a cat, you’re wasting money if you aren’t trying any of these clever things

These easy solutions solve so many pricey pet problems.

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If you have a cat, there are some expenses that you just resign yourself too. You spend what seems like endless amounts of money on food, litter, toys, and — yes — new furniture when your sweet kitty inevitably decided that your favorite armchair is actually his scratching post. But having a furry feline friend doesn’t have to drain your wallet.

That’s why I rounded up all of the clever things that will make all of your cat-parent duties better, and honestly, you’re wasting money if you aren’t trying them.


Saving leftovers of their favorite wet food with these silicone covers

These silicone can covers work on all of your cat’s food cans — no matter which brand is their favorite. Each of these food-saving discs has three hidden little rings, all with different sizes, so they’ll fit right on top of your tiniest or largest cans and keep pricey wet food fresher until it’s dinnertime. They also keep all of the cat food smells inside —always a plus.


Adding a little of hairball relief paste to your cat’s food

This malt-flavored hairball relief paste helps out if your cat hacks up a lot of hairballs or if they have a few bathroom problems now and then, which can ruin your carpet and furniture. The formula is also super versatile, even if your cat is picky because you can feed it to them or put a little on their paw while they lick.


Preventing cat scratches on your sofa with these transparent protectors

If your cat loves attacking then side of your sofa’s upholstery, grab these scratch-deterrent shields. They have long-lasting adhesive on the back and optional pins that you can twist onto each corner of these scratch-resistant sheets. Of course, the entire sofa-protecting kit is completely transparent, so you won’t ruin the look of your couch.


Pouring this teeth-cleaning formula into your cat’s water bowl

With this teeth-cleaning water additive, you can completely avoid reaching for your cat’s toothbrush because you simply add this tuna-flavored liquid to their drinking water. Just add a teaspoon to every 8 ounces of water, and the stabilized chlorine dioxide will fight plaque, tartar, and bad breath, all while supporting gum and tooth health.


Letting your cat scratch away at this durable & trendy little rug

Give your cat a specific spot to scratch as much as they want to with this durable and non-slip scratching rug. It’s made of 100{95b18eb6fc4f42efd0d92738dfc3fb79fde21da267a711ecdf0381147c27bb86} natural sisal that will honestly look like a trendy little rug in your home, all while giving your cat a satisfying spot to scratch. This woven material with a non-slip back will also be the perfect napping spot for your cat.


Stocking up on cat-favorite treats with this huge container

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money in general, and this huge 30-ounce container is filled with tasty cat treats, so you won’t have to spend money on new snacks for your cat every few weeks. Each one has a crunchy shell to help out your cat’s teeth and a soft filling. This oversized jug comes with classic chicken flavor. Owners love these treats just as much as cats do; they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after 35,000 reviews.


Petting them with these de-shedding gloves that you can stick in the wash

You can skip cleaning up cat hair 24/7 or chasing your cat with a hairbrush if you grab these easy-to-use and adjustable grooming gloves. Simply pet them when you’re hanging out on the couch, and the built-in bristles will take care of knots and shedding fur, and they’ll leave behind a clean, shiny coat. You can also stick them in the wash between grooming sessions.


Promoting water drinking with this filtering drinking fountain

Not only does this sleek little water fountain give your cat a constant stream of filtered water, but it will also keep them entertained with the bubbling or falling water settings, which prevents them from batting at water and ruining your floors. It has a clear base to see how much water is left from the seven-day supply and a wide stainless steel bowl on top that’s easy to drink from.


Sliding this double-layer mat under a litter box to prevent scattered litter

This unique litter trapper mat is the best thing to stick under a litter box, because it does what it says: traps litter. The top mat is covered in large holes, so the litter will fall right through when your cat inevitably kicks a few pieces out, so you won’t have to see scattered litter or have it ruin your floors. There’s a waterproof mat underneath, so you can pour the fallen litter back in the box every now and then, saving money.


Spritzing an odor-eliminating spray to save your rugs & clothes

Avoid replacing that rug in your living room or your favorite tees all the time by simply keeping this stain and odor-removing spray around. This color-safe spray is seriously versatile, so it will even take care of smells if your cat has an accident on your bathroom tile or even your sofa’s upholstery. It’s a fan-favorite item on Amazon, too, with a 4.5-star rating and over 100,000 reviews.


Clipping this grooming brush with a catnip slot on your wall

This little grooming brush won’t require any effort because it lets your cat groom themselves. You can clip it right onto the corner of your wall at cat height with included screws or the super easy tape. There’s even a spot to pour catnip into this gentle brush, so your cat will use this brush more often instead of rubbing their little chin on your walls.


Cleaning up your cat’s messy dinner with a washable splash mat

This splash mat is the easiest fix if your cat’s dinner time is always a bit messy. It has a non-slip waterproof design, and you can put it in the dishwasher to quickly take care of spilled cat food when it’s cleanup time. It also has raised sides to keep water splashes off of your floor.


Eliminating shedded fur with this reusable roller

Keeping this pet hair remover around for cleaning up a little cat fur every day will save you from a huge cleaning day. It has reusable fabric on the roller, so you can move from your sofa to your favorite throw blanket without pulling off any sticky lint sheets — or spending money to replace them. It also has a big fur-catching container if you miss a few days and there’s a bit more hair than usual.


Saving your cat’s favorite food in this best-selling anti-moisture container

This food safe, BPA-free container is way better than sticking an open cat food bag in your pantry because it will keep their food fresh until they finish the bag. It has a spinning and locking airtight lid on top that will keep moisture and pests out of your cat’s favorite food and keep you from replacing what otherwise would have been perfectly good food.


Applying this quick cleaner to your cat’s sensitive ears

If your cat constantly has irritated or sensitive ears, this non-irritating cleanser will keep them dry and happy. It comes in a little squeeze bottle, so you can apply a little of this gentle and pH-neutral formula in their ears without it being a big ordeal. Keeping your cat’s ears clean can help prevent a pricey vet bill, which is why this product has 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Using this litter scooper with extra large holes

This easy-to-clean scooper kit makes taking care of the litter box way less messy than usual. It comes with an adhesive hanger to stick on your wall, so you won’t have to find a clean spot for the scoop when you’re done. The actual scoop has a deep design for quicker cleanup, and the extra large holes trap all of the waste you want to collect without scooping out perfectly good, clean litter.


Growing this fiber-filled pet grass in a cat-themed mug

This pet grass kit has wheat grass, barley, oat, and even rye seeds to change up your cat’s usual rotation of dry treats or catnip and keep the plants you want to preserve safe from the kitty. It comes with a little soil disc, and this vitamin- and fiber-filled grass only takes a few days to sprout. It also comes in an adorable cat-themed mug, so it’s easy to move it around your home.


Adding a bit of this skin-nourishing salmon oil to their food

This wild Alaskan salmon oil is such an easy way to take care of your cat’s skin because it goes right on top of their food, and it tastes like yummy salmon. This easy-to-use oil has a bunch of omega-3 fatty acids to give their skin plenty of moisture and their fur a shiny finish. It can be added to any food, too, whether your pet prefers wet or dry.


Putting this trendy cactus scratching post in your living room

This cat-scratching post won’t ruin your trendy living room decor because it has a miniature cactus shape that’s so cute. The base and the top of this adorable cactus are covered in fuzzy, cozy fabric, and the middle is covered in seriously durable sisal material. This stable and durable post is also topped off with a hanging puff ball toy, which encourages your cat to use this post instead of your chairs to get her scratching in.


Spritzing on this soothing skincare spray to help cat dander

Give your cat a little bit of nourishing skincare with this dander-reducing formula that’s super easy to spritz on. This 99.7{95b18eb6fc4f42efd0d92738dfc3fb79fde21da267a711ecdf0381147c27bb86} natural spray has colloidal oat flour inside to quickly moisturize their skin. It also has hydrating aloe vera, and the pH-balanced formula will soothe any redness or flaking under their fur.


Creating a cozy, safe spot for your cat with this waterproof blanket

This is the blanket to reach for when you want to protect your sofa from your cat because the waterproof and machine-washable design can handle dirty paws, sleepytime drool, and all of that hair. Even though it’s durable, this blanket is still fuzzy enough with a reversible sherpa design to create your cat’s new favorite cozy spot — so you can have your favorite blanket back, too.


Using this tuna-flavored kit for easier & more frequent tooth-brushing days

This dental kit comes with a mini toothbrush and a toothbrush that goes over your finger to make teeth-brushing day less of a hassle. These easy-to-use brushes come with a baking soda-infused toothpaste for clean teeth and fresh breath. Of course, it tastes like tuna, so your cat also won’t mind this gum-soothing toothpaste, which means you can brush their teeth more often to prevent dental diseases.


Putting out this cat-grooming scratchpad to have a hair-free home

This scratching pad looks like a fun little toy station, but it will also help brush and groom your cat’s hair when they play with it. It’s all thanks to the curved brush on top with durable bristles that they can walk through and rub against, and it traps hair so it ends up on this playset rather than all over your house. This scratching pad is also finished off with bendy mouse toy and a cozy trim.


Tucking this smell-free disposal system next to the litter box

This litter disposal system is compact enough to tuck right next to the litter box, and it’s way better than tossing smelly, old litter in the trash can. The sealed design keeps all of the gross smells inside for up to two weeks, and it has an antimicrobial design to prevent bacteria (and more smells). You also get a smell-trapping refill packet, a scoop, and a built-in scoop holder on the side to make litter scooping more efficient.


Sticking this double-sided tape on your furniture & walls to prevent scratches

This anti-scratch tape is flexible enough to stick on the bottom of your bedroom door or wrap around the corner of your upholstered sofa. It’s completely clear, so it won’t look like you have tape on your furniture, but the double-sided design will protect everything from claw marks and discourage your cat from returning to the sticky surface.


Wrapping this durable sisal rope around a frayed scratching post

Instead of swapping out your cat’s favorite scratching post all of the time, simply keep this budget-friendly sisal rope around. It comes as an easy-to-use 164-foot roll, so you can wrap it right around the old scratched-up and frayed sisal material on scratching posts or cat toys.


Recording yourself calling your cat to eat with this automatic dispenser

Not only does this cat feeder dispense their favorite food in the correct amount to reduce food waste, but you can also set up a recording of your voice to call them to eat — even while you’re out. The stainless steel bowl on the front has a tilted design, so it’s easier to eat out of. Plus, the built-in storage container has replaceable bags inside that absorb any moisture that might make their food go bad.


Grooming your cat’s nails at home with these best-selling claw clippers

These nail trimmers have a guard on the back, so you can quickly clip your cat’s nails (before they run away) without worrying about nicking them. For sharp nails that keep ruining your sofa or your coffee table, these trimmers even have a built-in nail file, which is way easier and cheaper than booking a trip to the groomer or vet.


Setting up this motion-sensor laser toy to stop buying cat toys

You honestly won’t mind leaving this silent laser toy out as a little decor piece because it has a cat-shaped design with a minimalist white finish. It’s USB rechargeable, and the motion-sensor design automatically turns on when your cat runs by, so this is the last laser pointed you’ll need. You can set the speed of the laser, and it will turn off after 15 minutes of your cat chasing it around.


Swapping your litter box for a top entry model to reduce litter waste

This litter box is way better than leaving a classic litter box out in your bathroom or living room because it has a lid on top to hide everything inside — and prevent litter waste. Don’t worry — your cat can still get inside with the little hole on top. This tidy box also has a spot to hang the scoop and holes in the lid to catch stray litter from their paws.