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LIFE AT BOOMER LAKE: A beautiful time for a lot of birds | Lifestyles recorded 1.42 inches of rain last Thursday when we knowledgeable fairly a soak and many tornadoes in the condition cropped up as very well, but we remained unscathed by this action.

Uncommon birds for the 7 days incorporate our ongoing Snow Goose with the Canada Goose entourage. Our hero was both upon Heron Cove as perfectly as around the stone wall on the east aspect of the lake. Snow does not appear to thoughts the shut proximity of men and women, but ideally, will not imprint upon them.

We also identified the late Track Sparrow, Surf Scoter, Blackpoll Warbler, and Eastern Wooden Pewee involving Teal Ridge, Lake Carl Blackwell, and the OSU Botanic Yard.

There ended up a good deal of charming birds to go around at Boomer Lake Park past Thursday April 21, which involved the secretive Grey Catbird, but it managed to stick close to for picture ops, which is not often the situation. Historically, this unique hen or its kin has a holding sample on the east aspect of the lake in between Heron Cove and the grove of trees that border the tranquil minimal cubbyhole across from Heron Cove. We have also visited with the Yellow Warbler, many Warbling Vireos, Chipping, Savannah, White-throated, and the buzzy Clay-coloured Sparrow. Above a dozen Pied-billed Grebes were being on the water leisurely generating their way to Shorebird Jetty.

On Monday the 25 two Chimney Swifts were being promptly piloting the skies, though lots of of the remaining birds earlier described remained in the track record on the great wind chilly morning. Nevertheless, we had a great addition of several Clay-colored Sparrows that peppered a lot of of the young trees along the east facet of Heron Cove. When writer was out, many of all those trees were being nevertheless in darkness and it was difficult, though photos have been acquired.

Mr. and Mrs. Jap Bluebird were being in a nervous point out thanks to bigger numbers of Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warblers in the vicinity of their nest cavity. Among the two, they guarded the area as nicely as they could, even though if no person understood it, it was extra than apparent where by the cavity was found. A couple of Warbling Vireos remained on the outskirts of said place, but all they were being intrigued in was preserving other males out of their preferred territories. The three Brown Thrashers included the west facet of Heron Cove that day and needless to say, the Purple Martins were coursing via their household as very well as all around the skies and water, sharing the space with the almost 4 dozen Cliff Swallows hanging their hats on the lake and terra firma.

The Carolina Chickadee was out and about, giving way to any fowl that appeared not sure of itself and the features obtainable, no matter if or not they wished the assist. Frequent and Good-tailed Grackle Central was getting sated with a lot of protein resources in the space trees, whilst a Baltimore Oriole has been traveling in between the Cove and across Lakeview Rd. through the higher stage of the working day. It appears that two males are in the clustered oaks south of Lakeview Highway Bridge.

Deb Hirt is a wild bird rehabilitator and photographer residing in Stillwater.