LIFE AT BOOMER LAKE: Different birds may require different methods of photography | Lifestyles

LIFE AT BOOMER LAKE: Different birds may require different methods of photography | Lifestyles

Stillwater rainfall for the 7 days was recorded at .09 inches.

Rare birds for the Payne County 7 days ended up the Ghost Hollow Veery and the flyover Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks more than Lake Carl Blackwell.

Final week author was thrilled to have a stunning male Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting down in the daylight in a cottonwood tree with that stunning flashing red gorget. What a way to get started the day.

Listed here is that photo that is owed to visitors from past 7 days. This was following the four inch rain when The Lowlands experienced drinking water-filled low spots. As you can see, there were being fantastic reps of the Wilson’s Phalarope, as very well as both of those the Bigger and Lesser Yellowlegs. It was straightforward to get the shot, it just took a very little time. Whenever the birds turned anxious and flew from their past feeding space, they retained receiving nearer. By the time this photograph was in the viewfinder, it was currently recorded for posterity. Which is why remaining stationary is so critical, as it permits a good shot to be terrific. Also, phalaropes really don’t stick to the attractive male rule of thumb. These birds are women. The males are the modest duller kinds, so I didn’t wait for that.

Even although lots of of the migrant birds have moved on, we however have a several frugivores that are ready for these mulberries that have ripened. They have just begun starting to be darkish, but it won’t issue to some of them. I recall past 12 months how the Rose-breasted Grosbeak utilised to eat the crimson fruit, just due to the fact they could. There are a number of places together the lake that have mulberry trees and bushes, so if you have cameras, deliver them along for what could be some fabulous photographs of songbirds feeding on their fruit. Not only will it bring the Cedar Waxwings back, but maybe it will entice the Swainson’s Thrush, which I have not still seen this yr. American Robins and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers will also partake of the sweets.

A number of Franklin’s Gulls have created it to Boomer Lake in excess of the previous few of times, so we may also get some Black and Forster’s Terns to go together with them. Forster’s Terns are significantly less difficult to photograph, although the pace and agility absolutely lie with the extra tough Black Terns. Remind me to enable you in on the vortex scenario which will make it a whole lot a lot easier.

This Tuesday, there was a common “whit” get in touch with, which is not hard to recognize, when you have been enlightened to what it is. Author most popular to lie in wait around to see if the operator of that phone would eventually show himself, which took about 10 minutes. It was the Least Flycatcher with very apparent eye rings and a dim breast. Of program, he experienced to get behind every single branch and leaf that he could find, but a photograph was eventually received.

Our Eastern Bluebirds have fledged 3 young! They were being noticed yesterday from a distance with very poor photographs, but they were nowhere to be uncovered today.

Deb Hirt is a wild chook rehabilitator and photographer living in Stillwater.