Life in Nature: Huntress – The Mountain-Ear

Life in Nature: Huntress – The Mountain-Ear


Not too long ago perusing the data files, I arrived throughout some visuals captured when out on the japanese plains for a day of “raptoring.” I’ve pointed out ahead of, but the plains offer for an incredible assortment of birds of prey, far much more than we see up here in the hills. These gorgeous creatures in flight were being a person of my most important inspirations for receiving into wildlife photography from my earliest times, and still keep a position at the top of my checklist for subjects to capture photos of. As I looked in excess of the photos from the day, this week’s “creature feature” arrived to brain as I labored up a couple of beforehand unedited photographs of a beautiful feminine Northern Harrier.

These birds are rather a exceptional species to have the pleasure of observing in the wild. They are technically in the hawk household, but have a really distinctive oval and flattened experience, related to an owl. Like their distant cousin, the condition of the deal with along with the contour of the stiff feathers aid to immediate audio to the ears, a necessity when one’s prey is hidden from sight in the dense grasses. They also have a drastically shorter curved beak than most hawks, building them easy to confuse with falcons.

When these birds can be observed perched atop fence posts, this is typically simply a rest, as most of their hunting is done from the air. During a hunt they will glide just above the tops of the tall grass, gazing down not just to see their quarry, but to hear for the squeak or squeal, or even just a rustle in the grass from a rodent. If there is a breeze, they tend to favor searching in opposition to the wind, as they will catch the wind and hover in area in excess of a probable target location to much better listen to and pinpoint their prey. This pretty maneuver is what encouraged its namesake in the environment of human air overcome in the way of the VTOL (Vertical Just take-Off/Landing) fighter jet, the Harrier. As soon as the prey is situated, they will dive into the grasses, often resembling a tumbling out of the air, and ordinarily remain on the floor to take in their fresh new meal.

Their prey usually is composed of mice, voles and smaller birds. This is the regular quarry for most plains raptors, particularly with Harriers getting on the smaller conclude of the scale, but sometimes they may endeavor one thing larger. They have been acknowledged to go following animals this sort of as rabbits and ducks working with another special method in that they will often consider bigger prey to water to subdue and drown them. Compared with their larger sized cousins, this collection of prey has held them in large regard with farmers and ranchers, as they assistance to eradicate more compact pest rodents while being too compact themselves to get down a livestock animal like chickens.

Below in Colorado these birds can be noticed virtually year-round out on the open grasslands. Our home in the forests of the mountains is not perfect for them, but I have observed migratory Harriers as large up as 12,000 ft or a lot more in the slide. They are having gain of the open up tundra for a rapid chunk right before continuing on their prolonged journey. The deficiency of key snow accumulation out on the grasslands is what keeps them below, but if sufficient snows construct up for lengths of time, they will move on to a lot easier looking grounds.

Identification is fairly effortless, staying a medium to smaller sized raptor. I have now stated the condition of the confront, but equally males and women also have a white band of feathers at their rump (hidden in this graphic). Adult males have a tendency to be a grey color, earning them the title “Grey Ghost”, although the females are inclined to be a more golden brown. The future time you discover yourself out on the eastern grasslands, preserve your eye out for these wonderful and attractive birds in the early early morning or evening. You will absolutely be in for an intriguing observation of a very one particular-of-a-variety fatal and lovely huntress or hunter.

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