(LISTEN) Feathered Friends: A field trip to remember | Lifestyles

(LISTEN) Feathered Friends: A field trip to remember | Lifestyles

Often, I recommend our viewers take section in a chook ID walk or field trip – just one that I may possibly lead or a person that is becoming performed by an organization this sort of as the Rochester Birding Affiliation.

I was glad to be a aspect of these types of a the latest industry excursion on June 26. It was good exciting. The trip covered a area in southern Livingston County from Nunda and Dalton to Allegany County and two condition forests. Our caravan of birders stopped at numerous spots on a route that has made in the course of the 14 decades that this specific industry vacation has been transpiring. This annual trip is arranged by Jerry and Carolyn Barnhart of Rochester who own a camp and residence in the vicinity of Dalton.

The simply call of a killdeer recorded together West Bergen Road in Le Roy.

Our trip commenced at the parking lot of a grocery retail store in Nunda at 7:30 a.m. As our group of birders fashioned, we now had a list of at minimum 25 species of birds identified from that one particular site. Individuals birds would be typical birds these kinds of as catbird, meadowlark, killdeer, chimney swift, phoebe, rough-winged swallow, and additional than 30 turkey vultures coming off the roost in the distance.

Our route started off along a back street toward Dalton with excellent habitat for locating various species of birds. We picked up bluebird, blue-winged warbler, wooden thrush, pink-bellied woodpecker, towhee, titmouse, ovenbird, rose-breasted grosbeak, popular yellowthroat, chestnut-sided warbler, cedar waxwing, raven, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, pine warbler, and lots of more as we crisscrossed the spot, halting at regarded sizzling spots. We obtained several wonderful appears to be at gorgeous birds along the way. We savored observing an jap meadowlark perched on a quick utility pole in front of us with its deep lemon-yellow breast adorned with a black necklace. We were astonished to find extra ravens than crows. Ravens are bigger than crows and offer numerous means to inform them aside.

Our more travels between the hills of that location exposed quite a few new species for our day’s developing checklist. A family of sapsuckers, a bald eagle, discipline sparrow, hooded warbler, brown thrasher, bobolinks, a purple finch, yellow-billed cuckoo, minimum and wonderful crested flycatchers, junco, veery, kestrels, and hummingbird experienced our team list of species up to about 70 as lunchtime was approaching at 1 p.m. We required to make 1 more quit quite close the Barnhart’s camp that would give us a not-so-common warbler species – a prairie warbler – which has its favored habitat of mixed trees and meadows. Positive sufficient, we had been promptly rewarded with a excellent look at this attractive warbler that nests in New York. When checking out that warbler, we also got a superior look at a black-billed cuckoo. It was now about 1:30 and time for lunch. What a wonderful lunch it was with all of Barnharts and others’ meals to share!

Soon after lunch we took a wander on their house complete of birds and wildlife. Now it was time to check out out two point out forests in southern Allegany County wherever we would incorporate extra chook species to the record. The record for species on this filed vacation was 91. We had about 15 to go to get there. We were self-confident that we could crack the record. The trees helped shade us from the incredibly hot sunshine as we designed stops alongside narrow filth roadways through the state forest – destinations where specific species of warblers experienced been spotted in past years. We picked up early morning warbler, Canada warbler, and blackburnian warbler – 3 excellent types – all at a single site. We then stopped at a swamp and discovered wooden duck, mallard, osprey, fantastic blue and eco-friendly herons, and swamp sparrow.

Our listing was at 88 and indicators of dusk were all close to us. Would we come across much more species? Two of them would be golden-topped kinglet and white-throated sparrow – each of which are extremely difficult to find in Western New York in summer time. Then, ultimately, a pileated woodpecker. We were being at 91 – tied for the report.

There was a ultimate prevent on the agenda wherever the magnolia warbler ordinarily can be located in its nesting habitat – and certain adequate – as we stopped our caravan, that magnolia was singing its acquainted tune and appeared in lovely sight right prior to us – 92, a new file for this field vacation. We nevertheless experienced a chance for a barred owl at this place. Just as we ended up completely ready to give up on the barred owl it instantly made a loud phone, as if to say it preferred to be 93 and a further file.

It was a entertaining working day with good birding with quite a few knowledgeable birders, pleasant men and women, good camaraderie, and a minor drama to see if we could set a file. The Barnhart’s hospitality built for a most superb day of birding on a stunning late June day.

I’m so happy I devoted my working day to this field excursion. You may well want to give it, or another shorter a single, a try out some time – as you learn a lot and have pleasurable experiencing God’s gorgeous present of character at its fullest.

Hans Kunze is an avid birder and nature fanatic who has been creating about birds and nature for more than 30 several years. He writes for the The Livingston County News twice every thirty day period. Create him at 6340 LaGrange Rd., Wyoming, NY 14591 or get in touch with (585) 813-2676.

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