Missing for 3 years, Scituate woman reunited with pet cat Gus

Missing for 3 years, Scituate woman reunited with pet cat Gus

SCITUATE − A cat has been reunited with its Scituate owner extra than a few years just after it to start with went lacking.

Meaghan Swetish initially turned the operator of Gus 11 yrs back, transferring with him from her house point out of Vermont to Scituate. He was always an adventurer, she explained, and it was not unusual for him to wander away from property for a day or two.

“He is just usually been a wanderer, considering that working day one particular. He is very social and he’s incredibly persons-pleasant,” Swetish explained. “He was by no means a feral cat. He would stop by neighbors and things like that, but as he obtained older his travels would get him further absent.”

Gus, an 11-year-old cat, was returned to his Scituate owner more than three years after she'd last seen him.

She’d often see Fb posts about Gus from neighbors, Swetish explained, but posts began coming from components of town that were farther and farther away from property. Ahead of extensive, Gus was wandering off and not coming back again for numerous days.

“Of study course we were being apprehensive, but it was these a element of his personality that we usually knew he would occur back all over again,” she said. “He’d show back again up and we’d attempt to preserve him indoors but inevitably he’d sneak out the doorway and go back again to his usual wanderings.”