Providing special care for your aging pet cat – Hometown Focus

Providing special care for your aging pet cat – Hometown Focus


There is completely almost nothing more endearing to me than an elderly cat. Granted, most of these cats want very little to do with me and absolutely do not return the sentiment, but I adore them anyway, even the spicy kinds. This Cat Month, (September), I would like to examine caring for aged cats.

Cats are dwelling for a longer period lives as opposed to 20 decades in the past, thanks to enhanced diet, veterinary and house treatment. Offering a little more TLC can assistance maintain your senior cat nutritious and delighted for a long time to occur.

Now, cats are all incredibly one of a kind creatures each and every with their have temperaments, quirks and inclinations, but in typical there are a several issues we as individuals can do for the aged inhabitants of felines who have deigned to grace us with their presence.

Furnishing quick entry to primary requirements is a very simple but critical way to treatment for your older cat. Food bowls may possibly need to have to be adjusted as your pet ages. Lifted bowls that let your pet to try to eat at a organic angle can be helpful for arthritic kitties.



Although most cats do not need their foods to be served on your good china or crystal, the shape of the bowl can be significant. Employing huge food dishes with a small brim or even a plate is generally favored and aids prevent whisker fatigue.

Aged joints can make it difficult for senior kitties to use the litter box. Furnishing a litter box on each individual stage of your house or averting places that involve the use of stairs primary to the box can be practical in these circumstances.

You may possibly also want to contemplate employing a litter box with a reduce entrance. Handmade packing containers from Rubbermaid-type containers with small cut entry factors or even cookie trays will do the job. Putting newspaper or potty pads all-around the box to include for accidents can help shield your flooring.

Cats involve vertical area and appreciate hiding/exploring higher spots but with age and arthritis your cat could wrestle to get to his typical haunts. Generating ways or offering ramps to larger spots permits your cat to keep on taking pleasure in the view looking down on you.



Grooming is necessary for all cats even so, as cats age, they may struggle to do this adequately on their have and can advantage from their owner’s aid. Mild grooming prevents matting, aids with circulation, and distributes sebaceous secretions to assistance preserve the coat healthier.

Nails should really also be regarded, as elderly cats can have a hard time retracting their claws typical trims will assist reduce their nails from catching on home furniture and other objects. Standard grooming is not only a effective activity for your kitty but it can also be a terrific bonding knowledge as nicely as offer you an prospect to find lumps, bumps, or other well being issues that you could otherwise overlook.

Workout should really be encouraged in senior cats to enable keep up muscle mass mass, lubricate joints, and offer enrichment. Walking all-around the dwelling with your cat, actively playing with wand or flirt toys, or getting your kitty chase or hide-n-seek kibble around the residence are wonderful types of training and even a handful of minutes many situations a day can be helpful.



Mental stimulation is similarly important—puzzle feeders, window perches, cat trees and scratchers can assist hold your cat entertained and younger at coronary heart.

Water ingestion is important to keep track of in ageing felines. Older cats are inclined to kidney and constipation troubles, so holding your aged friend very well hydrated is essential. Fresh water must be delivered day-to-day and bowls need to be cleaned consistently.

Cats typically prefer refreshing flowing water sources—letting them drink from faucets or cat fountains can increase drinking water consumption. For seriously picky h2o drinkers, adding dietary supplements like Purina’s Hydracare or feeding canned food stuff to improve h2o intake can be practical.

Whilst diet requirements fluctuate amid men and women, preserving your cat on a well balanced, nutritious diet plan with quality protein is vital. Even though most industrial diets are balanced and thus do not have to have supplementation with vitamins or minerals, you may possibly want to add a joint supplement into your older cat’s everyday regime.

Joint health supplements are quickly out there but selecting a veterinary proposed and NASC (Nationwide Animal Nutritional supplement Council) accepted item is constantly a superior preference to be certain your cat is obtaining a high quality complement. A prevalent complaint of older cat house owners is their decrease in appetite and general meals pickiness.

Soon after possessing your vet check to rule out any underlying health care will cause of reduced hunger, there are a couple of tips you can try out to motivate your cat to eat. Warming the food to lukewarm/place temperature can inspire appetite. Experiment with unique textures/consistencies or check out adding lukewarm water or reduced sodium broth to food stuff.

Do not leave canned food out way too extensive, it can develop into unappetizing and place your pet off of consuming. Also avoid leaving way too a lot of selections out at when as that can be frustrating for some cats. Hand feeding or sitting down with your cat whilst he eats can often stimulate food ingestion.

And final but not the very least, your senior citizen kitty needs further care and monitoring. Weighing your older cat on a regular basis can be an significant overall health checking resource. Be confident to see your vet for frequent health checks.

We typically propose biannual exams and yearly bloodwork for senior cats, but this all depends on you and your cat’s unique demands so do not wait to achieve out to your vet for suggestions on how to best treatment for your cat!

Dr. Molly Feiro is a veterinarian and owner of Iron Pine Veterinary Products and services. She has been working towards small animal medication on the Iron Selection for the earlier 5 decades and opened her own cell clinic in August 2021. She can be arrived at at 218-780-8049.