Santa Barbara Humane Offers Tips For Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holiday Season

Santa Barbara Humane Offers Tips For Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy During the Holiday Season

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Festive lights, fragile ornaments, and sweet treats all participate in a significant role in many of our vacation celebrations. Though these holiday break staples could unfold joy, they can also lead to a thing not so merry for your pets– an crisis vacation to the veterinarian. 

Ahead of you deck the halls in your house, check out these guidelines from Santa Barbara Humane for retaining animals harmless during this vacation year. 

Be thorough with seasonal crops. Poinsettias, holly, ivy, and mistletoe make pretty holiday 

decorations, but they are harmful if your pet ingests them. So, either keep your festive plants exterior or location them someplace in your property that your pet simply cannot get to them. 

Pet-proof your Christmas tree. Xmas trees and the ornaments hung on them can be pretty alluring for animals in your home. Anchoring your tree can halt it from tipping if your curious cat decides to climb it. To avoid your ornaments from remaining batted, chewed on, or damaged, dangle them out of reach on the tree’s higher limbs. 

Be wary with wires. If your pet likes to chew, be conscious of how you electricity your vacation lights. A wire can deliver an electrical shock if chewed, and a chewed-on battery could leak and induce burns to your pet’s mouth and esophagus. 

Skip the tinsel. Shiny tinsel may perhaps glimpse like a toy to your cat or dog. But tinsel is remarkably powerful and does not split down nicely in the digestive tract, so it may possibly develop into trapped in your pet’s stomach or intestine if ingested. It may be finest to skip this decoration if you have a pet in the home. 

Maintain vacation sweets out of achieve. Holiday break treats can be tempting for everyone — together with our pets. Sadly, chocolate, grapes, raisins, currants, and the synthetic sweetener xylitol can all induce critical health concerns in cats and dogs, so it is ideal to preserve vacation sweets absent from your pet’s arrive at.

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