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 This month’s writer Cassandra Santiago is a Qualified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) at the Human Services Middle.  Santiago is also an American Council of Exercising (ACE) Wellness Coach.

Animals are a simple enjoyment that convey joy to a lot of folks practically right away on listening to or seeing them. People today have depended on animals for meals, apparel, guidance, and transportation on a frequent basis since historic times. Historically, the connection concerning gentleman and animals was hunter and prey. Animals were being considered generally as a source of foods and skins for clothes.

Though animals still retain many common uses close to the entire world, the job of some animals in culture has transformed above time. In the past a number of hundred yrs, there has been an enhance in the number of animals used for companionship. Puppies, cats, rabbits, fish, and a multitude of other creatures are typically applied these times for enjoyment and consolation as a family pet.

Having a pet not only delivers companionship and ease and comfort, but it also teaches regard and duty. Possessing a pet also has a range of health and fitness added benefits. 

1)    Cuts down Stress Stages

Investing time with animals boosts the stage of oxytocin in your system which can support you truly feel pleased and cherished. This points out why we truly feel so bonded and near with our animals. Expending even 5 minutes with an animal can increase a person’s total temper and minimize tension.

2)    Enhance Social Interaction

Most animals are sociable animals the moment provided appreciate, they can only return enjoy. Animals typically love the companionship of other animals and individuals. It presents opportunities to socialize with other animal lovers via pet participate in dates or going for walks an animal exterior.

3)    Support Persons with Requires

Lots of situations, animals are utilised as treatment, assistance, or emotional aid animals to assist men and women with a selection of demands.


  • Assistance animals are especially skilled to accomplish a undertaking for their owner these kinds of as furnishing compression for a worry assault, alerting the operator of low blood sugar, and a lot of other duties. These animals are not thought of animals when doing work, they are regarded as performing animals.
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  • Emotional assist animals are not skilled in everything distinct but are pets who are prescribed to their owner to give the consolation and support they might require in a wide range of settings.
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  • Treatment animals are animals that go via a certification course just before becoming made use of, a lot of periods, in healthcare facility or school options to provide assistance and convenience to men and women who may well require a smile. The Human Expert services Center just gained two new remedy rabbits, Jim and Dwight, to use for beginning an animal treatment software! The recreation therapists will be applying the rabbits to aid the customers arrive at their cure plans, such as socialization, with the guidance of rabbits. Some other varieties of treatment animals incorporate dogs, cats, and horses.
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In general, animals have an incredible reward of supplying happiness and companionship to whoever they meet. Be further thankful for your pet this month as we celebrate Countrywide Pet Day on April 11!

“Love of animals is a universal impulse, a prevalent ground on which all of us could meet up with. By loving and knowing animals, probably we humans shall appear to fully grasp each individual other.”
                                                                   Louis J. Camuti