Taking protected birds under wing in Hainan

Taking protected birds under wing in Hainan
A blue-tailed bee eater is seen in Haikou, south China's Hainan Province, April 9, 2022.Photo:Xinhua

A blue-tailed bee eater is witnessed in Haikou, south China’s Hainan Province, April 9, 2022.Picture:Xinhua


A blue-tailed bee eater is seen in Haikou, south China's Hainan Province, April 9, 2022.Photo:Xinhua

Blue-tailed bee eater is viewed in Haikou, south China’s Hainan Province, April 9, 2022.Photo:Xinhua

Chen Lei traveled all the way from northwest China to the southern Hainan Province just to capture a glimpse of blue-tailed bee-eaters and blue-throated bee-eaters nesting in a wetland park.

“I traveled extra than 2,000 km from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Location to the tropical island province to observe the wonderful birds right here in Haikou,” said Chen, 44, referring to Hainan’s provincial cash. “Environmental protection is important, and I see persons from different walks of lifestyle are executing their component in this regard.”

Bee-eaters are a richly-colored chook family members. As their title implies, they are regarded to hunt bees, in addition to wasps, and dragonflies. In Haikou, these birds are normally uncovered alongside the western coastline. The blue-tailed bee-eaters are beneath state security.

Every single 12 months, from April to June, the birds nest and reproduce at the Wuyuan River Countrywide Wetland Park in Haikou, a huge attract for lots of hen watchers.

On Thursday, a team of character fanatics arrived to the park to notice the bee-eaters, dubbed “the most stunning birds in China,” and “really feel the attractiveness of biodiversity in Hainan.”

In Haikou, the birds were initially noticed in 2018, about 300 meters from a authorities business office creating, claimed Lu Gang, head of the Duotan wetland exploration institute.

“On that event, we saw more than 20 birds nesting in the vicinity of the park,” Lu explained.

About the previous number of decades, the selection of bee-eaters has amplified from 28 to 80 by early Might, in accordance to the hottest monitoring figures.

Haikou authorities commenced building the wetland park in 2017, it was later offered countrywide park status. In 2019, the town released a venture to defend the bee-eaters, and Lu’s institute begun doing work to “develop a excellent surviving surroundings for the birds,” and strengthen hen checking.

“If the bee-eaters are flourishing in a city, it usually means that the neighborhood wetland program is great,” Lu extra. “It also shows that the metropolis pays great consideration to the surroundings.” Taking BEE-EATERS Underneath WING

To enrich wetland protection, Lu’s institute hired two patrollers. A single of them is Chen Chuanglin.

Chen, 40, previously labored for the agriculture and rural affairs bureau of Xiuying, a district in Haikou. Several years of forest patrolling perform honed his skills to “recognize bird species by their music.”

“I commenced operating for the Wuyuan River surroundings safety project in December 2019,” Chen reported.

Aside from his day by day patrols, Chen also will help monitor birds in other places in Haikou.

“I discovered from horticulturalists how to differentiate vegetation, and I taught myself how to put in infrared cameras,” he claimed, adding that he also works by using cameras to report animals and vegetation in his patrol regions.

“As a superior patroller, you need to understand the attributes and capabilities of a forest when you see it,” he claimed. “You need to have to be equipped to explain to the styles and routines of birds when you see them.”

Chen is now a key drive in bee-eater monitoring.

“Immediately after obtaining included in chicken safety, I realized that Mom Nature has a whole lot of hidden secrets and techniques,” Chen stated. “I learned that folks, the trees, the birds and the mother nature environment are all inter-connected.”