Teach children how to properly meet a new dog

Query: I am taking into consideration adopting a 10-thirty day period-aged Catahoula who apparently was thoroughly neglected by his 1st owner, and when he went to his next operator, he snapped at a kid, so they obtained rid of him. I am thinking if this is a conduct that is possible to be an ongoing challenge?

Gregg Flowers

Response: 1st, to apparent up a attainable concern on some readers’ minds, a Catahoula is a larger sized, houndlike doggy from Louisiana. I have worked with several of them. They’re ordinarily brown or gray, and noticed in some fashion. A lot of instances they have 1 or two blue eyes. They are good, loyal and sweet. But when it comes down to it, kids just make some canines nervous, which is why youngsters age 6 and under are in the premier “bite demographic.” And this is why I often advise households wait around until eventually their youngest is at least 6 before they get a pet.