The 22 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers 2022

The 22 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers 2022

The late former French president Charles de Gaulle famously said, “The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” More recently, the late DMX, on his 2003 track “Dog Intro,” rapped, “Only mothafuckin’ friend I ever had was a dog.” There is no one “type” of dog person; our affinity for canine companionship spans all demographics, borders, and other differences. When you’re a dog lover, you just get it. Dogs are just kind of better than people, and that’s one thing that everyone from dead European politicians to East Coast rappers can agree on. 

That’s why, if you’re looking to make a dog owner happy, and that person’s main source of serotonin is cuddling on their sofa with their Australian Shepherd, then the best gifts for dogs are the best gifts for their guardians—or what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or whatever it is they say. Fancy pet accessories can feel a little cringe to buy for yourself but are an absolute joy to receive from someone else—kind of like jeweled butt plugs, or a made-to-order, personalized song. There was a time when we were tickled at the sight of a dog wearing a cable-knit sweater or chilling in Paris Hilton’s purse; but now, accessorizing the whiskers out of your personal wolf descendent is not only normal, it’s pretty much obligatory. 

If you’re gonna adopt an animal, you’d better make its life rad AF. We’ve already run through the best gifts for cat people, crazy or otherwise, but the best gifts for dogs are gonna look a little different. Get your favorite dog/human combo a paw cleaner for the sake of both your pooch and your floors, lather its fur in Aesop shampoo, and toss it a Supreme bone. This is what your expendable income is for! Whether you’re looking for the luxurious (a Prada leash), the cool (a camo carrier), or the super-practical (a highly dignified pooper scooper), these are, hands down, the best gifts for dog lovers. 

For the pet that goes everywhere

Why have a boring black carrier for your little dud(ette) when you can grab a cool camo or colorblock airline-compliant pet carrier from Roverlund, one of our favorite brands for modern pet gear? It’s also built to be strapped into a seatbelt for an extra-secure car journey and comes with a built-in leash, a waterproof lining, and fleece-lined bedding. 

$149 at Roverlund

For taking their little dude on the subway or to the flea market

Is their dog always riding shotgun, including when they’re on foot? Wild One‘s carrier has a head-shaped cutout so their doggo can scope the scene right along with them, plus it’s made from recycled material derived from water bottles and is equipped with dual-length carrying straps, four pockets for your lip balm and knickknacks, and a machine-washable mat. 

$150 at Wild One

Dog always jumping on the expensive sofa?

You get a sweet modular sectional for unwinding and binging Love Is Blind, so clearly your dog deserves its very own expensive leather sofa. 

$349.99$317.50 at Amazon

Be a lot cooler if you …

… Dressed your dog in a leather jacket. Never forget the greatest Onion headline of all time.

$505 at SSENSE

$19.99 at Amazon

A leash that feels suited for a noble British hound

Dog owners have to trudge out into the sick, sad world multiple times a day to let their dog use la toilette (a.k.a. the sidewalk in front of their house). Make the experience feel a little more glamorous by giving them a leash that looks damn good while they’re parading Bruno down the block. 

$59 at The Foggy Dog

Take it to the next level with a Prada leash

This seems like a really delightful way to blow our tax return this year—and it’s still $600 less than the Prada jump rope

$604 at Farfetch

A dog toy subscription box 

It’s crazy how fast some dogs can turn a “new” toy into a shredded, desiccated pile of fabric when they really “love” it. BarkBox is a super-popular subscription service that guarantees a new shipment of treats and toys is always around the corner, so you or the dog lover in your life won’t have to constantly go to the pet store for new victims stimuli.

$23 at BarkBox

An app-controlled treat tosser

Keep an eye on your doggo from anywhere with this futuristic feeder which also lets you toss treats to your pup through the app. It features a camera, two-way audio, “Dog Selfie Alert,” and even sends push notifications to your smartphone when the unit detects barking.  

$169 at Amazon

You spend all your money on streetwear…

… For your dog. (Which we respect!) If your dog gets a daily ‘fit check just like you, scoop up one of Fresh Pawz‘ hoodies (the brand has collab’d with Odd Future and Death Row Records), since, unfortunately, this 14-karat-gold-plated, blinged-out dog tag sold out already. 

$40 at Fresh Pawz

Your dog is into the legacy brands

Maybe your dog is less hypebeast, more of a heritage brand type—or, maybe your friend is. And while they may already have a Pendleton blanket, they probably don’t have this Pendleton dog sweater.

$55 at Nordstrom

If we get skincare, how come dogs don’t?

Aesop—yes, of the high end skincare and fancy hand soap fame—makes a gentle animal wash that helps deodorize and cleanse your pup with the luxurious, herbal scent that we’ve come to expect from the brand. The doggo will feel like they’re bathing in a forest stream and not the improvised tub you made in your railroad apartment.

$40 at Aesop

The best solution for the worst part about owning a dog

That’s right: We’re talking about their turds. After a while, you get kind of used to it, but it’s still an affront to your dignity that you have to pick up dog shit with only a thin bag between your hand and that warm pile of poo. This is where the DogBuddy pooper scooper comes in to put a reliable barrier between you and the doo doo. Reviewers love it because it “stays clean” and “does a better job than using your hands because it’s able to scrape away any poop left on the grass/ground.” This review alone is testament to its value: “Changed my life! … I had [an] absolute embarrassing reaction to picking up dog poop. I would gag violently outside and god knows what my neighbors must [have] thought…. But, then…. I tried this and WOW. Picking up the nastiest poop doesn’t bother me in the slightest now and it’s super easy and clean.” That’s right—we’ve got a life-changer on our hands. 

$15.99 at Amazon

For the dog with joie de vivre

There’s a multitude of reasons why your dog might need goggles, whether it’s chilling in your backpack while you cruise on an e-bike or, IDK, going paragliding with you. All we know is that not only will your dog’s eyes be protected, but they’ll also look rad. 

$8.99 at Amazon

$9.99 at Amazon

A reminder to feed the poor beast

Are you not great with… remembering? Is your TikTok FYP full of suggestions that you may need to be medicated for adult ADHD (or is that just me)? Anyway, if you need a little reminder for yourself, your partner, or your dog walker to be exxxtra sure they filled that bowl with kibble, this nifty little device—which has almost 15,000 fantastic reviews—is here to help. Also very handy if you have a highly manipulative dog that likes to gaslight you into thinking it’s sOooOoo hungry. 

$11.95 at Amazon

Help your dog stay hydrated

Hiking doggos will surely appreciate having their own water bottle on hand that’s easy to drink out of, so that they don’t have to struggle to drink out of a water fountain or from the Hydro Flask their human companion is trying to pour directly into their mouth. 

$15.99$11.99 at Amazon

For the dog that doesn’t just eat; it dines

Beef treats, chicken treats, turkey treats—boooring! I mean, of course your dog will still begrudgingly accept whatever treats you happen to have on hand, but wouldn’t it be nice to spice up their selection with these pizza-, churro-, and taco-flavored snacks? That’s New York-style pizza, by the way. We kind of want to just try these for ourselves. 

$15 at Amazon

For the hyper boi…

We all have a friend whose dog is a true, serious life-ruiner—like, this little dude is cool to us, a guest of the house, but he cannot chill out to save his life and has destroyed more couches, shoes, walls, and other typically resilient objects than its poor owner can count. Sounds like time to try some CBD treats, which can help mellow out raging pets. 

$39.95 at Holistapet

… And the filthy girl

Some dogs, well-meaning as they may be, just can’t stop getting into mud, garbage, grass, and any other germy piles and puddles that happen to be around. This quick-drying microfiber towel is like a ShamWow for your pet, rendering them clean and dry in mere seconds. The days of the race to wrap them up before they desecrate the living room sofa are over. It’s crazy highly rated, with the top reviewer remarking that it’s “one of the best purchases [they]’ve made on Amazon.”

$19.99$16.99 at Amazon

If those paws still need an extra sweep, try this MudBuster paw cleaner, which has a stellar 4.5-star rating from more than 45,000 reviews and is sort of like if a Fleshlight had magic powers to gently scrub every last bit of gravel and sludge from your dog’s paws. 

$27.99$24.99 at Amazon

A Supreme bone for (literal) hypebeasts

Now that you know that this exists, can you really not buy it?

Who’s a good boy (or girl) now? Awooooo! 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.