The early bird sings its song outside your window this time of year

We’ve achieved the delightful time of year in Indiana when you can open your windows at night time. The great evening breeze induces a trance-like rest. Around 6 a.m., as the ambient light-weight replaces the darkness, the orchestra of songbirds will become my morning alarm. The dawn chorus of birds doesn’t have a snooze button, so I increase and make my espresso.

I identify a few familiar seems, the chattering of crimson-winged blackbirds, squawks from blue jays, and singing robins. They have been lively in my garden for the previous month.

May well brings quite a few more songbirds to Indiana. Some are stopping for a rest as they migrate further north and many others will stake-out a local territory to raise their younger. Their sounds are a mix of tunes and phone calls.