The Perks Of Going To A Pet Hotel

Going to a pet hotel is a convenient way to accommodate your pet’s needs. They have services that you wouldn’t get at home. For example, they have a green space, a dog daycare, and food bowls and poop bags for your dog. They also have a mobile key that enables contactless check-in. The mobile key can also be used to add pet packages or pet fees to your reservation. Another feature is a housekeeping report that lets hotel staff know what your pet needs.

Green Space

Going to a pet hotel Denver CO is an environmentally friendly option for traveling with your pet. Some hotels even have outdoor pet areas to relieve your pooch, which can prevent them from marking up the rest of the hotel’s grounds. You can also take advantage of pet socialization at pet-friendly hotels.

Dog Daycare

Dog daycare offers many benefits, from improving your dog’s social skills to teaching them good manners. Many dogs are much like kids: they need outside interaction to learn good behavior. Dog daycare can be a lifesaver if you’re busy or don’t have the time to train your dog.

Many pet hotels and daycares have a convenient, low-cost option for many pet owners. They also offer a variety of services for dogs, including daily walks and active play. In addition, many dog daycares provide a variety of pricing tiers, including punch cards and loyalty programs. Dog daycare also allows dogs to bond with other dogs. In addition, dogs will enjoy new faces, places, and smells, which can stimulate their minds and bodies.

Food Bowls

While staying at a pet hotel, you can expect to receive food bowls for your pet. This is especially helpful if your dog has issues with bowel movements. Some of these pet hotels also offer special treats for your dog. The pet hotel’s food options range from chicken jerky to gourmet selections.

During your stay, your pet will be given a pet box, which contains themed toys and treats for your pet. Some hotels also have on-site waste stations for your pet’s convenience. They also offer massages, walks, and a bacon scavenger hunt. Some hotels even have Yappy Hours, where owners can enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their pets.

Poop Bags

Using poop bags when traveling with your dog is a must. Unfortunately, standard poop bags are challenging to tie, especially in wet weather or when the bag is full. They are also designed to fit any commercial poop bag dispenser.

When choosing poop bags, look for those that are biodegradable. This will prevent your dog from causing pollution and will help the environment. You can also choose bags that are earth-rated, ASTM-certified, and oxo-biodegradable. Compostable bags decompose in a compost system. However, many compost facilities won’t accept dog feces.

Individual playtime

A pet hotel may be a great option if you need a place to stay while you’re away. Dog boarding at pet hotels can include a variety of perks, including individual playtime.