These Are the 6 Cutest Toy Dog Breeds We’ve Ever Seen

These Are the 6 Cutest Toy Dog Breeds We’ve Ever Seen

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I could have a pet dog difficulty. Huge, fluffy canine welcoming golden retrievers rescue pups from the animal shelter — I want to undertake them all! My favored types of pet, having said that, are toy pet dogs. Cute, quick, and cuddle-worthy, these puppy breeds are not just fun, they’re excellent for fast paced pet owners and those who stay in modest areas.

That’s since these compact pet dogs ordinarily weigh fewer than 20 lbs .. Photo a furry close friend you can simply vacation with and acquire with you to run errands: That’s a toy pet dog. While these canine companions really don’t take up a lot real estate, they’re not brief on character. Regardless of whether you’re interested in adopting an animal companion or you are just curious about toy pet breeds, you have arrive to the right spot. Here’s everything you need to know about six of the cutest toy doggy breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sitting on the more substantial close of the toy doggy spectrum is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. According to the American Kennel Club, these gentle and loving canines appear no better than 13 inches at the shoulder but retain considerably of the speed and athleticism of their larger sized spaniel cousins. They’re recognized for currently being very affectionate, good with youngsters, and swish in their actions. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are quickly identifiable by their silky coats in four iconic color designs: chestnut on white, black on white, black and tan, and ruby. They’re also recognized for their large, round eyes, which give them the disarming, sweet expression that tends to make them so preferred. In this case, the expression unquestionably matches the identity.

1 of the very best characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is how adaptable they are to their atmosphere. Increase them in a household with loved ones users who adore getting hikes and currently being energetic or with other dogs, and they’ll be in a position to hold up with the most athletic individual in the property. Elevate them in a more compact property with significantly less active inhabitants, and they’ll develop into veritable sofa potatoes. These lovable toy spaniels are highly adaptable, producing them good companion canine no issue the setting.


If a person advised me to close my eyes and image a little pet dog, likelihood are I’d picture a Dachshund. Dachshunds (or very hot canine, as they’re lovingly regarded) are the definition of a toy doggy, with their legendary small-slung silhouette and comical personalities. Dachshunds come in two sizes: frequent (generally 16 to 32 kilos) and mini, if you can consider it (a.k.a., significantly less than 11 pounds). They’re the great very little pet dog for anyone wanting for a canine companion that doesn’t have to have a ton of place or several hours of everyday exercise.

One particular of the most endearing features of a Dachshund is their bravery. These canines might be little, but do not explain to them that! Dachshunds had been originally experienced as hunters and watchdogs (even though, let’s be truthful, they’re not probably to scare off thieves). They’re fearless, smart, and easily trainable, but they absence the athleticism of greater pet breeds. Irrespective of whether you adopt a common or mini Dachshund, you just can’t go incorrect with this adorable toy breed. They are suitable for condominium-dwellers and more mature canine fans who really do not have the stamina for a larger sized, increased-power breed.

Toy Poodle

The miniature model of the vintage poodle, toy poodles are extremely clever, charming, and the perfect measurement for doggy enthusiasts looking for a little canine breed. According to the American Kennel Club, toy poodles stand no additional than 10 inches tall. (Which is in comparison to the common-size poodle, which is normally 15 inches or taller.)

In spite of their dimensions, toy poodles are extremely athletic and eager to play. They are exceptionally smart and have to have instruction, playtime, and psychological stimulation to avert boredom. As these types of, I wouldn’t propose this breed to these who don’t have time to prepare and engage in with this dog every day.

Conversely, the toy poodle — all poodles, in simple fact — make good companions for allergy sufferers. Toy poodles have a curly, hypoallergenic coat, which retains allergens like dander to a minimal. As a dog lover who suffers from pet allergy symptoms, I can attest to the rewards of adopting a pet that does not trigger 12 months-spherical sniffles.


Photo a common very little white pet with soulful eyes and floppy fluffy ears. You’re picturing a Maltese, a single of the most beloved toy pet dog breeds. Affectionate, spunky, and charming, Maltese pet dogs have personalities considerably bigger than their physical size. However they don’t have the power and endurance of bigger puppies, they appreciate to cuddle and perform and are anything at all but reduced-strength. 1 detail to be aware, nonetheless, just before adopting a Maltese is that their curly coats ought to be brushed day-to-day to stop them from receiving matted. For some, this may possibly be too much operate. For many others, it can be enjoyable and bonding to comb your pup’s curly hair every single day.

Maltese make great relatives canines, are quickly trainable, and usually delight in studying new tricks. But they can also appreciate everyday living as a lapdog, producing them wonderful for more mature, far more sedentary pet proprietors. Whatsoever kind of toy puppy you are seeking for, this overall flexibility will make a Maltese a fantastic alternative.


Speaking of wonderful lapdogs, let us chat about the pug. Pugs are an very sociable, affectionate breed. They’re substantial electrical power and really like remaining the middle of focus, but only when it comes to social conditions as far as bodily exercise goes, they are not up for just about anything way too strenuous. This would make them excellent for retirees, apartment-dwellers, or any person who prefers a snuggly lapdog to a pooch that needs to participate in all working day.

Pugs are well-recognized for their characteristic squashed faces, black-tipped droopy ears, and down-turned, expressive eyes. Although they are not hypoallergenic, they are a limited-haired breed, indicating if you get a pug, you won’t have to be concerned about dealing with canine hair all about your put. For a very low-servicing pup with a whole lot of love to give (and not a ton of steam to melt away off), a pug is the way to go.

Italian Greyhound

Very last but undoubtedly not the very least is the Italian Greyhound. With all the magnificence and grace of their greater greyhound cousins in a miniature bundle, Italian Greyhounds make both distinguished lapdogs and alert and energetic companions.

At first bred for racing, these tiny dogs have an instinct for pursuit that will have you double-examining that all the doors are closed before you leave the home. They’re speedy, sleek, and love paying time outside, functioning and sniffing all-around to their hearts’ content material. Nevertheless, they can be couch potatoes, much too, and appreciate giving and getting passion.

All greyhounds have brief hair and a low-fat human body composition, which gives them their signature whip-like visual appeal. (This also suggests they require a minimal extra treatment during the colder months, as they are additional vulnerable to small temperatures.) These pups are wonderful, speedy, and intelligent, all wrapped up in a bite-sized package. If you’re hunting for a loving small companion, you can’t go wrong with an Italian Greyhound.

Honorable Mentions for the Cutest and Most Well-known Toy Doggy Breeds

The breeds stated previously mentioned aren’t the only lovable compact sizing canine. Underneath are a several more of the best pet breeds that drop into the toy team:

Locate Your New Furry BFF

Toy dogs are as good, silly, and lovable as their medium and big pet counterparts. They just get up less space, which makes them fantastic for apartment dwellers and mature pet proprietors. If you’re on the lookout for a minor pet dog, give toy puppies a likelihood.