This week’s editorial –

This week’s editorial –

This week’s editorial from senior editor Joan Ritchie.

Though on our holiday vacation, just one of my pleasures is to enjoy the birds from our next floor deck – stunning birds of all dimensions and colors that inhabit the habitat exactly where we go.  

It does not get very long to recognize that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ they have schedules and you can virtually notify the precise time of day by their presence overhead, in the morning coming to city and late in the afternoon heading back again to the hills after a prolonged working day of enjoyment in the solar. Just as the birds, we are creatures of routine.  

Around the training course of a number of months I watched two modest birds create a nest in the tree inside my vantage position. On occasion and extra than when, two larger sized brightly colored yellow birds come by to bring about a tiny disruption and ruffle the nest to get rid of it when mama and daddy fowl are off executing what they do. Somehow that nest did get constructed and this unique morning, those people huge poor birds arrived by once again, pulled it aside and savored eggs for breakfast.   

That got me to considering about the birds and the lifetime lessons we can master from them.  

As we all know, ‘the early fowl receives the worm.’ Receiving up early with the birds seem to be to be a excellent trait the exciting detail is that the birds are the first to herald in the working day with their cheerful melody as soon as the sunlight is soaring. I have also observed that as the years have absent by, I appreciate the previously pieces of the day now extra than at any time. It’s a good detail to ‘make hay although the sun shines.’  

Every single chicken has their very own song…and celebrates it. One distinct fowl I coined the ‘what-the-heck’ hen. The tune rings correct as he repeats the phrase a couple of occasions in a issue-of-reality tone and then warbles off to ‘oh, well!’ We need to rejoice our individuality and give area to many others to be who they are.  

Have you at any time questioned why birds pick a unique tree to construct their nest in? I presume they are pretty selective, taking into account their protection and that of their offspring. Individuals typically get excellent thing to consider in where they want to dwell, deciding on the surroundings that suits them finest.  

Have you ever viewed a younger fowl learn to fly? Just mainly because you have wings does not imply you know how to use them the 1st time. It’s the same with individuals we have to have to exercise our God-specified abilities and designed abilities to develop into proficient at them. Exercise makes ideal!

Yet another terrific point about birds is that they look to consider time to appreciate existence. They capture an air existing substantial earlier mentioned and simply go with the stream. It is so amazing to enjoy them as they soar high earlier mentioned, seemingly in-sync with mother nature. We require time in our life to refresh and refuel that can help us to cope the rest of the time. Have you ever noticed that when you climb a hill the likely can get tough, but when you get to the major and equipment down, the wander is a small easier as you refresh.  

Everyday living is comprehensive of lessons, and for us – birds and all, it’s a person sweet track!

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