Trends and Products: Food Sensitivity

Trends and Products: Food Sensitivity

Pets can develop allergies or intolerance to certain foods and ingredients. Allergic reactions include hot spots, hives or itchy, irritated skin. When a pet suffers from food allergies, one popular course of action is to get the pet on the right diet. Limited ingredient food and treats are typically crafted to reduce the number of ingredients a pet is exposed to with the purpose of avoiding an adverse food reaction.


Real Chewz

Real Chewz are all-natural, single-ingredient chews packed with protein to provide the nourishment dogs need. Made in Brazil and carefully inspected and tested in the U.S.A. for safety. They’re oven-baked to lock in the delicious flavors dogs love and crave. They’re individually wrapped for ultimate freshness. They’re low in fat, high in protein and made with care without any additives, preservatives or added colors or flavors.


Homestyle Cat Meals  

Portland Pet Food Company’s Homestyle Cat Meals are human-grade and sourced and made in the U.S.A. They’re designed to be served as a healthy and nutritious topper or rotational meal. They are perfect for cats with allergies, digestive issues or food sensitivities since these limited-ingredient recipes are exclusively made with whole foods and contain no additives, preservatives or fillers.


Einstein Pets Dental Sticks 

Einstein Pets Dental Sticks are created with the perfect combination of natural sweet potato, coconut, fine ground oyster shells with the irresistible taste of bacon. These dental chewsticks contain only four ingredients and are a healthy, all-natural way to help clean your dog’s teeth and gums, while giving them the essential minerals and support of overall health and digestion.


Merrick Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food 

Merrick has re-launched its popular lineup of Limited Ingredient Diet dry dog food, now featuring only eight key ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. Each small-batch recipe starts with a single source of real, de-boned meat as the first ingredient, and is paired with easily digestible carbs like chickpeas, peas, lentils and flaxseed.


Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites

Superfood Bites is a premium, single-ingredient treat made with freeze-dried raw beef liver, creating a healthy source of protein for your pup. The freeze-dry process locks in the nutrients while providing the raw flavor dogs love with zero fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Polkadog Pork Jerky

Polkadog has partnered with Walden Local Meat to launch a new pasture-raised, single-ingredient pet treat: Polkadog Pork Jerky. This new dog and cat treat will be available for purchase this fall and is the newest addition to Polkadog’s single-ingredient treats, joining pet favorites like Chicken Strips and the original Polkadog Cod Skins.



Freely is a limited ingredient brand, offering an assortment of kibble, cans and 100 percent human-grade beneficial bone broths for dogs. Freely’s recipes include grain-free, whole grain and unique feeding choices like flexitarian and vegetarian. With Freely, pet parents can build their dog’s bowl using a single-source protein and can easily rotate between recipes without digestive upset.


PureBites Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

PureBites RAW freeze-dried minnow cat treats are made in the U.S.A. with only one ingredient: 100 percent, pure wild-caught minnow. The brand’s freeze-dried cat treats are made fresh and pure with three or fewer high-quality ingredients you can trust. With more raw protein and nutrients packed into every bag, PureBites has the freshness, aroma and taste cats love for a happy and healthy life.


Salmon Snacks

Kennelmaster Foods expanded the Chip’s Naturals line with the addition of Doggie Salmon Snacks. Crafted from 100 percent pure Wild Salmon, Doggie Salmon Snacks are rich in vitamins and Omega-3, which help promote healthy skin and coat. These all natural, single-ingredient, crunchy, dehydrated treats are perfect for finicky dogs or dogs on limited protein sourced diets. This irresistible savory salmon snack is great for large dogs and breaks easily into smaller pieces for little dogs and kitties.


PlaqueOff Soft Bites

Swedencare’s line of holistic soft bites for dogs and cats are made with the proven PlaqueOff System that helps to reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar. PlaqueOff System soft bites are made with limited, functional ingredients and are free of grains, gluten and soy. Available in a variety of flavors.


Hound & Gatos  

Introducing natural dry food for dogs and cats. Featuring real poultry, meat or fish as the No. 1 ingredient, these recipes are packed with a spectrum of healthy superfoods, like blueberries, cranberries and dandelion greens. The result is a great-tasting, limited-ingredient diet that’s made in the U.S.A. and is pea-, chickpea-, lentil- and white potato-free. Three grain-free and two ancient grain varieties are available for dogs, as well as three grain-free options for cats.


Campfire Treats

Known for all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats like its bestselling Alaskan Crunch cod skins, Campfire Treats handcrafts in small batches in its Rocklin, California facility. The entire line of treats and chews is made from premium proteins like human-grade meat, clean-label poultry and wild-caught ocean fish — all sourced from 100 percent U.S. farms and fisheries. As part of its commitment to improving farm animal welfare, many Campfire Treats now carry Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) certification.

West Paw Dog Treats 

West Paw Treats are simple, sustainably sourced, meaty single-protein, balanced superfood blends and creamy treats that pair perfectly and nutritiously with its award-winning treat toys. West Paw Treats include innovativeCreamy Treats, Limited Ingredient Freeze-Dried TreatsandSingle Ingredient Freeze-Dried Treats. West Paw treats are backed by West Paw’s “Love It Guarantee.” 

ACANA Singles 

Limited ingredients shouldn’t mean less meat. ACANA Singles feature three exciting recipes: Pork & Squash, Lamb & Apple and Beef & Pumpkin. ACANA Singles limited-ingredient foods feature 65 percent pork, lamb or beef as a single, easily digestible animal protein that’s perfect for dogs with sensitivities. They are formulated with WholePrey – meat, organs and cartilage – that deliver essential nutrition and include whole fresh pumpkin to support digestive health. ACANA Singles are the perfect limited-ingredient foods for healthy dogs with food sensitivities. 

SquarePet VFS Skin & Digestive Support 

SquarePet VFS Skin & Digestive Support formula is designed by a team of veterinary professionals to support food sensitivities/ingredient intolerances. This formula is a limited-ingredient, hydrolyzed protein dog food. Like proteins used in some infant formulas, hydrolyzed proteins are proteins that have been broken down into smaller components. The result is an exceptionally digestible protein source that can be beneficial for dogs that may be sensitive to common pet food ingredients. 

Nulo FreeStyle Limited+ 

Nulo FreeStyle Limited+ is a simple but powerful concept with a single animal meat source for 30 percent crude protein in every bowl with all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals a dog needs. Made in the U.S.A. without chicken, eggs, peas, pea protein, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.