Why is my dog shaking? Tips on what to do and when to see the vet

In excess of 48 million American households possess a pet dog as a pet, with 1.6 puppies staying the ordinary variety owned per residence, in accordance to the American Veterinary Clinical Association.

Owning a pet dog is a massive accountability which includes maintaining an eye on their habits for anything unusual. Canines show a lot of attention-grabbing behaviors, this sort of as digging, chasing their tails or even sniffing every other’s rear finishes.

But what comes about when man’s very best mate begins shaking? There could be multiple reasons, some of which are gentle though other folks have to have attention from a veterinarian.

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Why is my canine shaking?


According to Dr. Katherine Houpt, James Law Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, a person rationale your doggy may well be shaking is worry. The reaction is usually to audible alerts, but can sometimes be visible as properly, she reported.