Why You Need to Buy Quality Horse Jump Equipment?

Why You Need to Buy Quality Horse Jump Equipment?

When buying horse jump equipment, it’s important to choose equestrian-approved products. The equestrian equipment you purchase should also be approved for competition. This will prevent you from being penalized for errors.

Importance Of A Good Foundation

You should always start with the basics and build up your skills and groundwork when jumping. Rather than investing in a full-on horse jump, start by building your jumps one rail at a time. Using ground rails and training grids will allow you to school your horse over rails and build the foundation necessary to jump over real obstacles.

Jumping can be difficult for beginners. If you’re not experienced, you may jump flat or slip around corners. To prevent this, learn to ride your horse properly and follow the correct path to the jump. Straightness training is an important step in learning to jump correctly.

Types Of Horse Jump Equipment

There are different types of horse jump equipment. These include the oxer, jumper, and spread. The oxer is a vertical jump that incorporates both height and width. The front rail is lower than the back, encouraging a broad, powerful jump. A spread jump often incorporates filler material so that the horse must jump over a wide gap to clear it.

Some types of fences are made for specific heights. These fences are often large and include a rail that crosses a ditch. They also contain a faux fence that simulates the back and front edges of the ditch. The purpose of a fence is to make the jump more impressive. Jump poles are another type of horse jump equipment. Jump poles are made of equestrian-approved materials. They have nine holes on each pole and feature jump cups that hold the bar at the desired height. Jump poles are usually shallow, so the horse will not get injured.

Adjustable Fences

Adjustable fences for horse jumps offer several benefits over solid fences. The height of the fence is a major consideration, as a higher fence limits the space for the horse to see over it. It also limits the amount of room the horse has for error. The fence height also plays an important role in determining the distance the horse will take off. Taller fences tend to be more difficult to clear, and horses will struggle to jump over them.

Adjustable fences for horse jumps can be easily repositioned to suit different heights. They are made from high-grade timber and are designed to last a lifetime. They also feature an excellent jump brush, which is weather-resistant and durable. As a result, adjustable fences are ideal for at-home practice.

Safety Helmets

It is important to wear a safety helmet when using horse jump equipment. Many riders do not realize how dangerous their heads can be when nine feet off the ground. In addition, these athletes are often riding a high-speed, unpredictable 1,500-pound animal. A helmet can prevent a life-threatening head injury or even death.

Before purchasing a helmet, it is important to determine your head size. Different manufacturers have different sizes, so it is important to measure your head to find the right one. If you are unsure of your head size, try a few different ones to determine which fits you best. Using a tape measure to measure the width of your head will help you find a comfortable helmet.