Wounded Cat Rescued From the Streets of California Wins Pet of the Week

Wounded Cat Rescued From the Streets of California Wins Pet of the Week

This 7 days we’ve found a Chihuahua and kitten “totally in appreciate” in cute footage and laughed at a Rottweiler’s disappointment as a toddler tried to perform fetch.

In the meantime, our visitors have not been let down with sharing photographs and videos of their ideal pals, and we’ve place with each other our favorites to be Newsweek‘s Pet of the 7 days.

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Blackie the cat
Pics of Blackie the cat. After a street cat in California, he is this week’s Newsweek Pet of the 7 days and now life indoors with his loving proprietor in Louisiana.
Diane Rakowski

Our Pet of the 7 days this week is the rescue cat Blackie who was saved from the streets of California.

Now living in Louisiana with operator Diane Rakowski, she instructed Newsweek how the black cat was “left to his individual products, homeless, to roam the streets.” Rakowski has been concerned in cat rescue for 18 several years and though in California wanted to enable this feral cat.

“My target was to entice Blackie and at minimum get him neutered,” stated Rakowski. “California has its share of stray cats. Blackie caught my eye—appearing hungry and homeless, I observed this skinny, black kitty, skittish and elusive cat.”

With other feral male cats in the spot, Blackie was having a difficult time fitting in and was regularly remaining hurt in the course of fights.

“He had a wound on his facial area that was oozing and he experienced an injured paw,” explained Rakowski. “I experienced to do anything so I started feeding him. He came all-around frequently for some meal.”

But as a street cat, Blackie was not easy to catch and would not enable any person to choose him up. As a substitute, Rakowski established a cat trap and managed to get him into a nearby clinic to be neutered.

“His left ear is tipped, indicating TNR, which means trap, neuter, release. I launched him, and ongoing to feed him,” said Rakowski. “Ultimately, Blackie acquired utilized to looking at me and he bought less and significantly less afraid. It was continue to a pretty lengthy whilst just before he’d allow me contact him.”

But when she was leaving California, the cat lover could not convey herself to leave the cat she had been caring for.

“I took that silly black kitty with me. He’s now an indoor kitty that is incredibly loved,” she mentioned. “Blackie seriously likes his kitty treats and will beg for bits of bologna sandwiches, chips, and blessed charms cereal. He is a terrific hunter of bugs, indoors only, and likes viewing the exterior actions from an inside window.”

These days, living in comfort and ease and luxury in comparison to his get started on the streets, Blackie retains a streak of indepdendence and even now would not like to be picked up.

“He wishes points his way, but he nonetheless surprises me just about every day with the items he does,” said Rakowski. “He’s extremely entertaining. I adore that foolish, black kitty.”


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As usually, it was far too tough to choose just just one most loved pet and we have also included some finalists for our Pet of the 7 days round-up.

First of all is Nugget, a tuxedo cat from Wisconsin. Sandy Pierce’s daughter owns Nugget and Pierce explained to Newsweek: “My daughter is a vacation nurse for hospice care. She moves every single 13 months to a new assignment.”

As she moves all around the country, so much too does 14-12 months-aged Nugget.

“She showed up at my daughter’s location in Illinois. We’re not absolutely sure specifically how previous she is as she was a stray,” reported Pierce. “She does not like other cats and will bite if she is petted in the erroneous way.”

But a constant companion—and a significant enthusiast of salmon treats—Pierce claims that she is the perfect pet for her daughter: “She is wonderful organization for my daughter to come house to just after a difficult day,” she defined.

Our next finalist this 7 days is Basset Hound and Labrador combine Lailah from Bellmawr, New Jersey.

Owner Susan Jones instructed Newsweek: “Lailah was adopted from an animal shelter and is close to two years outdated.”

A sweet and trusting pup, she loves consideration and actively playing with other canine.

“Lailah’s nickname is ‘bath machine’ due to the fact she loves to give heaps and loads of kisses,” said Jones. “She loves actively playing with her doggie siblings and loves belly scratches and looking out the window looking at men and women go by.”

Very last but not the very least is Bubba J, a Beagle and Corgi blend from Pennsylvania.

The dog’s owner Betty Lengthy told Newsweek: “Bubba J likes to play ‘catch me if you can’. He is really unique to me. He is so effectively behaved and if I am upset he gives me kisses and snuggles.”

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