Ancient ‘bear dog’ found in France named after child-murdering cyclops

With jaws geared up to tear the flesh from the bones of their prey, extinct carnivores acknowledged as “bear pet dogs” were being strong predators that prowled Asia, southern Africa, Europe and North The united states additional than 7.5 million several years ago. Now, researchers have unearthed the jawbone of a single of these extinct carnivores in the Pyrenees mountain vary in Europe, shedding mild on just how lethal bear dogs ended up, and confirming how greatly they were dispersed all-around the environment. 

Bear canines, an extinct team of land-centered carnivores in the loved ones Amphicyonidae, are not in the bear spouse and children (Ursidae) or the pet spouse and children (Canidae), nevertheless they possess bodily options comparable to animals from each groups.