Dog up for adoption after Virginia rescue’s heartfelt post

Dog up for adoption after Virginia rescue’s heartfelt post

Abby the dog is set to find a new family after a Virginia rescue organization shared a heartfelt online post.

Abby the dog is set to find a new loved ones after a Virginia rescue firm shared a heartfelt on the net publish.

Screengrab from Sanctuary Rescue on Fb

A dog was left at a shelter with her beloved toys and sweaters, capturing the hearts of thousands on social media.

Abby — a 12-year-old beagle that many Facebook users said was “clearly loved” — also had a framed portrait, dog bed and years of vet records with her. But her owner had “major life changes” and couldn’t keep her as a pet, according to a rescue organization in Virginia.

“We see bringing her to the shelter with all of her favorite things as well as her detailed medical records as a kindness,” Adri Yancey, president of Sanctuary Rescue, told Southern Living. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy for anyone involved.”

Now, weeks after the organization shared Abby’s emotional story, she’s up for adoption. “Everybody’s favorite senior beagle” is described as a “quiet” dog that enjoys walks and playing with puzzle toys, according to an adoption listing shared Monday, March 27.

Abby is set to find a new family after the organization took to Facebook on March 3 to write that it rescued her. A week earlier, the “sweet” dog had been dropped off at a shelter with her belongings.

“From what we understand from the shelter there were some major life changes that prevented them from keeping their pets at this time and it wasn’t necessarily something a gofundme would fix,” Sanctuary Rescue wrote. “She’s in a wonderful foster home now that has a lot of senior dog experience.”

The rescue, located in the Richmond suburb of Midlothian, said it hopes to keep a reminder of Abby.

“We’re thinking of hanging the dog’s portrait in our office to remind us to be humble, to give grace, to spend energy on loving instead of judging, and to always help where and when we can because you just never know what the future holds and what curveballs life might throw at you,” the rescue wrote.

Those words resonated with many on Facebook, including some who shared stories of owners who could no longer care for their beloved pets.

“I have to believe that her former family loved her very much, thus the beautiful hand drawn picture of her, and all the sweaters that kept her warm in cold weather,” one person commented.

How heartbreaking it must have been for the owners to part with their dog and how confused the poor baby must be,” another Facebook user wrote. “I hope she gets the love and care she needs for her remaining years.”

Sanctuary Rescue said it recognizes that some people considered Abby’s story to be sad, but it interpreted the circumstances in another way, Southern Living reported.

“Although we are sure it was painful to have to surrender a beloved pet to the shelter, we think Abby’s former family would be relieved and happy to know that she quickly found a soft place to land and she will be comfortable and well taken care of in her favorite sweaters with her favorite toys,” Yancey told the magazine.

Read more about the rescue’s adoption process here.

This tale was originally printed March 30, 2023, 10:12 AM.

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