Man hates puppies, gets slammed on Reddit for cursing out dogs’ owner in dramatic park incident

Man hates puppies, gets slammed on Reddit for cursing out dogs’ owner in dramatic park incident

A Reddit poster is not exactly profitable good friends and influencing people today.

Producing on the subreddit regarded as AITA (“Am I the a—–e”), a guy going by the username of “Other_Laptop or computer_7702” sought the belief of other individuals following a dramatic come across at a park involving his toddler son and a bunch of aggressive and unleashed pups owned by a stranger.

He prefaced his article by stating, “I dislike canine. Are not able to stand them. I consider they are gross, I steer clear of them, I do everything I can to not have them in my existence.”


Getting mentioned that, he then described what transpired “at the neighborhood park.”

He claimed he and his spouse were there with their six-month-outdated son, he claimed.

“Best child in the complete planet,” he wrote. 

A man described an experience at a park in which a stranger's puppies rushed at him, his wife and their infant son while they were relaxing on a picnic blanket. "I hate dogs. Can't stand them," the man wrote on Reddit.  

A man described an practical experience at a park in which a stranger’s puppies rushed at him, his spouse and their infant son though they had been calming on a picnic blanket. “I despise canine. Won’t be able to stand them,” the person wrote on Reddit.   (iStock)

The 3 of them were being “owning a picnic” and factors have been “going excellent,” the man wrote.

He reported their “newborn [was] on a significant blanket and getting the time of his lifetime rolling all-around, taking part in, giggling. It [was] a blast seeing him so content.”

That is when items seemingly bought ugly.

“Future matter I know there is a pair of puppies coming correct at us. They are unleashed.”

The guy wrote, “Up coming point I know there is a pair of puppies coming appropriate at us. They are unleashed, and their operator is just standing on the walking path looking at them running towards us.”


The person on Reddit wrote that he “didn’t see [the dogs] until eventually they had been really a lot on our blanket. At that place I picked up my son and yelled ‘WTF’ to the man. He appeared appalled that I didn’t love the stunt” that he and “his dogs pulled,” the gentleman included in his Reddit writeup.

The Redditor continued, “My wife is yelling at him, I’m yelling at him. I straight up [said], ‘I hate your pet dogs, can you get them?'”

A man on Reddit described a dramatic incident at a park involving his young son and his wife — and another man's overly friendly puppies. 

A person on Reddit explained a dramatic incident at a park involving his youthful son and his spouse — and yet another man’s extremely helpful puppies.  (iStock)

The man mentioned the stranger’s “puppies are just sitting on our blanket anticipating to get petted. I commence going for walks towards the man and am yelling at him to get his puppies.”

The Reddit poster ongoing, “He commences acquiring mad at us. He suggests they are friendly and just preferred to enjoy, they are not going to harm any individual. [But] I convey to him he just ruined our lunch.”

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The Redditor added that the gentleman experimented with to excuse “his and the dogs’ conduct by declaring they are puppies.”

“He lastly grabs his two canine and is like, ‘Who won’t like puppies?'”

Even so, wrote the Redditor, “I never treatment. I just want[ed] him and his canine gone.”

He stated he “cussed” at the man “continously.”

The gentleman seemingly told the Redditor to “tranquil down” — but he was unable to do so.

"In hindsight, I may have been too aggressive," wrote a man on Reddit about his behavior toward some overly friendly young pups. 

“In hindsight, I might have been too aggressive,” wrote a gentleman on Reddit about his actions towards some overly pleasant younger pups.  (Fox Information)

“I continue on cussing,” the Redditor wrote, “and he eventually grabs his two pet dogs and is like, ‘Who will not like puppies?'”

Evidently the male “finally” left — but “he ruined our lunch.”

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Wrote the Redditor, “In hindsight, I may perhaps have been way too intense with him.” He then asked others what they thought of what happened. 

He did not share where the incident transpired or anything much more about the dog operator. 

Fox Information Electronic reached out to a New York-centered psychologist for perception into the incident.

On Reddit, a great deal of individuals chimed in with their viewpoints.

“You experienced the overreaction of the century.”

Virtually 6,000 individuals reacted to the write-up some 3,000 remarks poured in.

A single commenter wrote that the dogs’ owner “should not have allow his pet dogs run around unleashed in a non-puppy park” — but then tackled the original Reddit poster with a no-holds-barred remark.

A man writing on Reddit did not appreciate when some young dogs rushed at his infant son during a park picnic. The man, however, didn't earn much sympathy on Reddit, given his reaction. "Guy sounds a little irrational and immature," said one commenter about the post. 

A gentleman creating on Reddit did not respect when some younger dogs rushed at his toddler son during a park picnic. The male, having said that, didn’t receive much sympathy on Reddit, provided his response. “Guy seems a minor irrational and immature,” claimed just one commenter about the publish.  (iStock)

“You had the overreaction of the century by ‘straight up telling him you detest his dog’ and consistently cussing, in particular future to your child,” wrote one particular particular person.

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Wrote an individual else bluntly, “I truly detest youngsters for the most aspect. I’ve never ever screamed at a dad or mum when their totally free-selection toddler waddled up to me and tried using to discuss to me. I only said, ‘Bye bye,’ walked away … and which is even offensive to most parents.” 

This unique commenter extra, “I can not envision what the reaction would be if I picked up my purse and ran screaming at the dad or mum to control their brat due to the fact ‘I Dislike YOUR Kid!’”

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An additional man or woman shared a distinctive stage of look at. “I really like all animals, but untrained, unrestrained puppies barreling at a picnic with a 6-month-outdated child is a recipe for catastrophe.”

Wrote an individual else, “It truly is the continuing to swear and carry[ing] on and yell[ing], ‘I detest your dogs,’ that is the issue.”

Somebody else reported about the initial poster, “Male appears a little irrational and immature.”