Olivia Quast’s nose ripped off by boyfriend’s pitbull mix

Olivia Quast’s nose ripped off by boyfriend’s pitbull mix

A Connecticut artist experienced her nose bitten off by her boyfriend’s pit bull blend rescue when the pooch bought spooked by her tooth-whitening unit.

Olivia Quast, 30, from Thomaston, endured horrific injuries to her encounter and arm during the Feb. 3 incident involving her boyfriend Graeme Stasyshyn’s 6-calendar year-old puppy, Bentley, which he’s experienced for four decades.

Quast recalled in an job interview with Kennedy Information and Media noted by The Impartial that she touched her facial area and was shocked that her nose “wasn’t there.”

Quast explained the canine then continued attacking her, leaving her remaining arm mangled in advance of she could fight the animal off and get in touch with for assist.

Quast speculated that Bentley, who was abused as a puppy dog, may well have been startled and provoked by her teeth-whitening mouth guard outfitted with a UV light.

In a different job interview, the lady reported the dog’s eyes “changed” and explained the animal as “dissociated.”

Quast and Bentley the pitbull mix
The brutal mauling was carried out by 6-year-previous Bentley, a pointer, pitbull and bulldog blend, ideal.
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The artist mentioned of herself that she made use of to be a “cat person” who in no way favored canines until finally she moved in with her 44-year-aged boyfriend and his pointer, pitbull and bulldog combine, which turned the very first puppy she “ever cherished.”

Quast stressed that she had a very good romance with Bentley and would snuggle with the pooch in her mattress, so when the canine attacked her final thirty day period, it arrived as a “total shock.”

“He lunged, and he acquired my nose to start with, I was in shock and disbelief,” the lady recalled. “I just stared at him. It in no way dawned on me that he was likely to retain attacking me, since why would he? I put my hand on my nose and he lunged at my arm twice much more.”

The bite injury on Quast's arm
Quast also experienced horrific accidents to her left arm and hand necessitating surgical procedure.
Kennedy Information & Media

Quast and boyfriend Graeme Stasyshyn
Quast’s nose, septum and cartilage had been ripped out, but the bridge of her nose and nostrils remained intact.
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Quast claimed she produced a acutely aware selection to not consider to yank her arm out of the dog’s jaws since she understood Bentley’s “favorite activity is tug of war,” so she allow the pet bite her right until she kicked it in the side, resulting in Bentley to scamper off.

Quast then manufactured a frantic cell phone call to her mom.

Quast and Bentley, the first dog she said she ever loved
Quast, a self-described “cat individual,” said Bentley, pictured, was the first pet dog she ever liked.
Kennedy Information & Media

Quast and Bentley the dog on a hike
The female thinks Bentley may well have been triggered by the UV light from her teeth-whitening mouth guard.
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“I was in pure agony. [I was saying] ‘help me mother, assistance me, he took my nose. My fingers are going numb, I can not come to feel my fingers, I’m acquiring chilly,’” she recalled expressing. “It was terrifying.”

The lady then raced to the toilet and looked at herself in the mirror to study the damage from the assault.

“I stayed standing but I felt my total staying fall to the flooring, the place spun, it’s like anything was in hyper-focus and spinning and it was pure agony,” Quast mentioned.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Hartford Medical center, where by medical doctors found that her nose, septum and cartilage had been ripped out, but the bridge of her nose and her nostrils remained intact.

The actual physical injuries did not influence her breathing and sense of scent.  

Quast, left, and boyfriend Graeme Stasyshyn
Quast’s boyfriend, Graeme Stasyshyn, 44, proper, rescued Bentley for several years back.
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Quast’s still left arm was also badly injured, requiring medical procedures to set up two plates, 8 screws and two pins to keep the limb jointly.

The mauling also triggered problems to nerves and ligaments in the woman’s hand, which will just take a year to recover.

The 30-year-old is now waiting around for her facial accidents to completely heal ahead of going through reconstructive surgical treatment to develop a new nose employing cartilage from her ear, items of her ribs and pores and skin from her brow.

Quast in the hospital
Quast will have to bear plastic surgical procedures to have a new nose created out of ear cartilage and brow pores and skin.
Kennedy Information & Media

Quast’s ailment is even further complicated by the point that she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – a scarce connective tissue ailment that she was diagnosed with at six months aged, and which makes her susceptible to bruises and accidents.

As a final result of the disease, the woman dislocates her joints on a day by day basis, has acquired stitches much more than 80 periods and life with serious agony.

In the wake of the brutal assault, Quast and her boyfriend had Bentley humanely euthanized, after dealing with the pet to a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and letting it participate in with stuffed animals when listening to classical audio, reported The Middletown Press.

Quast’s ideal buddy has released a GoFundMe marketing campaign to help the female with her mounting professional medical fees. The fundraiser has drawn extra than $66,000 in donations so much.

In a YouTube video clip posted on the system on March 1, Quast, with a bandage masking the remnants of her nose, expressed her gratitude to the donors and very well-wishers, saying: “I’m grateful that I’m Okay.”