Parasite that controls cat minds may infect billions of people. The clue is in their eyes.

Toxoplasma gondii is most likely the most successful parasite in the entire world right now. This microscopic creature is able of infecting any mammal or chook, and people today throughout all continents are contaminated. At the time infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for existence. So much, we don’t have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the system. And there is no vaccine authorized for use in people.

Throughout the environment, it can be believed 30–50% of folks are infected with Toxoplasma — and bacterial infections may be escalating in Australia. A study of experiments done at blood banking institutions and being pregnant clinics across the place in the 1970s set the infection amount at 30%. Nevertheless, a modern Western Australian neighborhood-primarily based study observed 66% of people today were infected.