Reese The Dog ‘Almost Died From Broken Heart’ And Gets The Best Surprise

Reese The Dog ‘Almost Died From Broken Heart’ And Gets The Best Surprise

Reese and her best friend, Morgan, were inseparable. The two senior rescues ate, napped and snuggled jointly as usually as attainable. But things improved for the bonded pair when Morgan — who was 12 at the time — passed away from kidney disease, and Reese’s mourning took a toll.

A sad dog looks into the camera.
Alina Hauptman

“I designed her particular doggie cupcakes and slept on a mattress on my living home ground for a whilst so she could snooze with me,” Amy Thatcher, Reese’s mom, informed The Dodo. “I even picked up some foster puppies for a several days simply because Reese enjoys puppies. Absolutely nothing appeared to assistance.”

Reese’s well being rapidly declined. She stopped having and used most days shaking in her bed. Considering that nothing at all seemed to relieve Reese’s discomfort, Thatcher made the decision to obtain another companion for the grief-stricken pet to support fill the void of dropping Morgan.

Two dogs sleep together.
Alina Hauptman

“While scrolling by means of the adoptable canine, Jeep’s handsome face caught my attention,” Thatcher said. “Up right up until Jeep, I experienced only ever adopted senior canine. Considering the fact that Reese did not handle Morgan’s passing well, I could not hazard placing her by one more loss and made a decision to undertake a more youthful puppy.”

Thatcher met with 1-yr-old Jeep and was in love with him appropriate away. She realized that, while he was distinct from Morgan, Reese would really like him, also.

“He greeted me with a wiggle butt and a major smile,” Thatcher said. “I sat on the ground, and he quickly arrived in excess of and sat on my lap. At that instant, he stole my heart.”

Two happy dogs look up at the camera.
Alina Hauptman

Thatcher adopted Jeep, and when she launched him to Reese, she liked him, way too. Her heart slowly and gradually but surely began to mend — and now the two are inseparable.

“Jeep has introduced out this youthful, playful side of Reese,” Thatcher explained. “She turns 14 future thirty day period and continue to wants to engage in with her ‘little brother.’ She won’t like it when he’s not residence and gets so enthusiastic when he returns.”

You can look at Morgan, Reese and Jeep’s tale right here:

Reese will generally miss Morgan, but Jeep reminds her that all the things will be Alright — some thing Thatcher feels, too.

Happy dog is held by Mom.
Alina Hauptman

“Morgan manufactured my life greater by just currently being her, and I’ll hardly ever forget her,” Thatcher said. “But Jeep came into my life when my coronary heart, like Reese’s, was damaged. He obtained us as a result of a tricky time, and I do not know how we would’ve gotten through it with no him.”

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