St. Johns County community looks for help after dog attack

St. Johns County community looks for help after dog attack
Community leaders and government officials meet this month at the Flagler Estates Road and Water Control District office at 9850 Light Ave. Around 40 people gathered to discuss concerns about dogs running loose in the community.

Clayton Brock and his spouse, Francis, lately misplaced Winnie, their 300-pound breeding pig, to a canine attack in Flagler Estates earlier this month.

Brock said dogs jumped the fence at his house and attacked Winnie so badly she had to be euthanized. Dogs also killed chickens and ducks on the home. 

“I seen feathers everywhere, bones and parts of chickens almost everywhere, and the ducks were completely gone and obliterated,” he said. “And then I went more than to feed the animals, and I discovered my just one pig wasn’t shifting. So I walked more than to the pig, and that is when I seen her entire ear was absent, and I was like, ‘What are we heading to do?'”

The Brocks and other people say canines wandering loose in the neighborhood is a common situation that has led to assaults or aggressive behavior against men and women and animals. The assault prompted a local community assembly this month, where people today sought responses on what could be completed and how to guard by themselves. 

Two dogs who attacked Clayton and Francis Brock's pig stand at the couple's fence in Flagler Estates. The dogs have been euthanized.

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Two of the puppies have been euthanized since of the killing and because no owner arrived forward, according to county spokeswoman Lorena Inclan. The pet dogs experienced collars, according to an animal management report.