Top 3 Reasons Why Antigua & Barbuda Is A Birder’s Paradise

Top 3 Reasons Why Antigua & Barbuda Is A Birder’s Paradise

The beautiful island of Antigua is a pure bird watcher’s paradise. This beloved family vacation vacation spot is house to about 120 species of birds, a lot of of which are endemic to the Caribbean area. Antigua’s sister island Barbuda is home to the most significant frigatebird colony in the western hemisphere, making it a have to-see destination for chicken watchers!

Several charming bird species can also be spotted at unique scenic spots all-around the island, earning every hike an prospect to see one thing new. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned avian enthusiast or just acquiring the hang of your binoculars, browse on to come across out far more about some of Antigua & Barbuda’s most special birds – some of which have no identified habitat wherever else in the planet!


Frigatebirds —also regarded as a “Man-O-War”— are large, graceful birds that can usually be observed soaring both equally on and offshore in Antigua and Barbuda. With an very one of a kind visible profile, these birds depart an indelible effect. The male is shiny black and will blow up his scarlet throat to appeal to women. In comparison, the girls are greater with their sides and breasts white. In the Caribbean, they are known as “Weather Birds,” as they will flow into inland when a storm seems to be nearing. Fishermen take pleasure in frigatebirds as they dive down and assistance find schools of fish. They even have a mischievous aspect: they are also recognised to rob other sea birds of their freshly caught fish!

Just take a limited boat trip to Antigua’s sister island Barbuda, which boasts the premier frigatebird colony in the western hemisphere! Barbuda’s Codrington Lagoon has a guarded Frigatebird Sanctuary with an believed inhabitants of 100,000 birds. Even though coasting on the obvious blue water, these wonderful birds can be noticed in their all-natural habitat. Their spirited mating screen is not to be skipped, and the birds are remarkably photogenic and camera-pleasant: they are generally prepared for their close-up!

Drinking water & Shore Birds

Antigua has an indented shoreline with many islands, creeks, inlets and wetlands. This variety of habitable land and the regular proximity to h2o tends to make the island a great habitat for shorebirds and waterbirds. McKinnon’s Salt Pond, North of St. John’s, is a top rated-notch location on the island for recognizing waterbirds, like the West Indian Whistling ducks and white-cheeked pintails. It is also not uncommon to spy minimum terns, Wilson’s Plover and other shorebirds in McKinnon’s Salt Pond, who are identified to use it as a pitstop in the course of their migratory routes

When paying time on the seaside, maintain your eyes out for the brown pelican. These daring divers can usually be witnessed skimming the h2o in search of delicious fish to scoop up with their significant, web-like bills. It is hardly ever a negative strategy to have your eyes on the sky when exploring Antigua & Barbuda: the Brown Pelican is acknowledged to fly inland as nicely, and may plunge into lagoons or ponds from as a lot as 70 toes up!

Forest Birds

Antigua has tropical forests dispersed in the course of the island, offering appealing habitats for classic tree-dwelling birds. In individual, Antigua’s verdant Wallings Reserve claims an unbelievable total of biodiversity: its evergreen deciduous forests are property to ruddy quail-doves, scaly-naped pigeons, and wide-winged hawks. Just as human hikers flock to Wallings to avail by themselves of its quite a few trails, the reserve draws migratory species from other islands in the Caribbean, together with the Barbuda warbler.

As any person who has ever loved a tropical cocktail can attest to, several locations do fruit pretty like the Caribbean. The several tropical fruits that mature in the forests of Antigua (such as mango, avocado, and guava) draw many hungry birds to its leafy canopies, which include Antillean Crested hummingbirds, Inexperienced-throated Caribs and Bananaquit birds.

Antigua is total of wide salt ponds, mangroves and woodlands, creating properties for varied tropical fowl daily life. Though checking out Antigua and Barbuda you must look at incorporating a spot of birdwatching to your itinerary. Whilst substantially has been explained of the island’s pristine beach locations and stylish resorts, there’s lots far more attractiveness to value if you only glimpse up.