Veterinarian Reveals the Five Dog Breeds He’d Never Choose

Veterinarian Reveals the Five Dog Breeds He’d Never Choose

Lovable dachshunds. Amusing-faced pugs. Sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniels. They may well be beloved by their human households, but all of them manufactured a list of the top rated 5 puppy breeds one particular British veterinarian claims he’d hardly ever have.

Ben Simpson-Vernon, a compact-animal veterinarian in Chigwell, England, runs the Ben the Vet TikTok account. His write-up from Sept. 22 earned much more than 6 million views in just 4 times, and it really is no surprise. It gets into a controversial subject involving dog breeds numerous individuals very own and enjoy. Simpson-Vernon discusses the 5 dog breeds he, as a veterinarian, would hardly ever decide on — and some incredibly well-known breeds created his checklist. 

“Don’t forget, it is in the long run my feeling,” he warns ahead of beginning off. “You might disagree.” 5 doggy breeds I would/could by no means possess as a veterinary surgeon #dogsoftiktok#learnontiktok#veterinary#benthevet♬ Waiting around For Heartache – BLVKSHP

Chow Chow

The fluffy, sturdy chow chow, long a beloved of Martha Stewart, tends to make the checklist. Simpson-Vernon states he is sure there are some awesome illustrations of the breed, but he usually finds they “really don’t have a incredibly great temperament, they can be seriously aloof, and they are often very aggressive at the vet’s.” Eye issues are generally an challenge with this pet dog, he says.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Do not notify the new King of England, but the Cavalier King Charles spaniel created the checklist. Simpson-Vernon admits “they are the loveliest canines” and he’d possibly get one himself if not for all the wellness challenges. A heart disease referred to as mitral valve ailment is typical, producing their previous days difficult as they wrestle to breathe.


Dachshunds are “actually wonderful canines,” Simpson-Vernon claims, but “1 in 4 of them acquire again problems in their life time.” These variety from ache to paralysis, generally demanding spinal surgical treatment.

Shar Pei

The wrinkly Shar Pei breed even has a ailment named right after it — Shar Pei fever. And their attribute wrinkles trigger wellness challenges, much too, as Simpson-Vernon notes some of them have to have their eyelids “tacked in location” so hairs do not rub on their eyes. They also usually have pores and skin problems, and Simpson-Vernon suggests they usually “consider to bite the faces off all the (vet) staff members.”

Pugs, French bulldogs, bulldogs

The No. 1 doggy on the checklist just isn’t just one breed, but generally “any 1 flat-faced or brachycephalic puppy breed,” this kind of as a French bulldog, bulldog, or pug.  (Singer Girl Gaga owns two French bulldogs, who had been dognapped and returned unharmed in 2021.)  “They are so inclined to so lots of issues,” he says, mentioning spinal complications, pores and skin challenges and eye challenges. About fifty percent of these puppies have to have Caesarean sections to give beginning, considering the fact that the puppy’s head and shoulders are also massive for the mom to give birth usually. Simpson-Vernon has also penned about brachycephalic puppy woes on his site, Vet Reality Test.

I attained out to Simpson-Vernon to talk to what type of pet dog breeds he does recommend. When I have not but read again, a publish on his blog provides some insight. He writes that his individual parents requested him to recommend a pet breed, and ended up finding a combined-breed pup, or a mutt.

“(The) for a longer period I have been a vet, the clearer it has develop into that a pedigree pet dog is, by default, normally a much less balanced just one,” he writes. “I am by no means declaring that a canine of no set breed is never ever heading to develop into unwell. Nor am I expressing that each individual pedigree canine is heading to live a existence of weak wellness. But regrettably numerous do. I know this mainly because I address them every day.”