Unusual bald eagle sighting in Kent ‘beautiful to see’

Unusual bald eagle sighting in Kent ‘beautiful to see’
This bald eagle was initially seen enjoying a meal on Middlebury Road in Kent before flying up into this tree Sunday morning.

Immediately after a concerned citizen named Kent police Sunday early morning, a responding officer located the town had a feathered visitor just enjoying breakfast.

“[A bald eagle] was alongside the side of the highway consuming roadkill, as far as I know, and someone was scared that it could get strike by a auto,” claimed Police Lt. Mike Lewis.

Lewis stated the connect with came in that the eagle was at the facet of Middlebury Street in the location of Munroe Falls-Kent Road at about 9:15 a.m. ahead of flying up into a tree.

“We needed to make absolutely sure that the hen was not hurt,” said Lewis. “It failed to surface to be hurt at all. It was just eating one thing on the aspect of the highway. But it flew absent. Appeared correctly fine.”