What Are The Benefits Of Walking Your Dog?

What Are The Benefits Of Walking Your Dog?

Everyone knows that exercise is great for health, and any amount of physical activity helps enhance people’s overall health and wellbeing. However, did you know that taking your dog on a walk is a great form of exercise that can have additional benefits? Read on to discover the benefits of dog walking – for both you and your furry friend.

Increased Physical Fitness 

When you take your dog for a walk every day, you and your dog get more physically fit. Like with people, walking can help a dog’s muscles, bones, and joints get stronger.

When deciding how long to walk your dog for, you should consider how old they are and what their breed is. If your dog is ten-plus years old, it might not be a good idea to take them on a five-mile walk, for example. However, if you have a younger or middle-aged dog with a lot of energy, a five-mile trek might be just what they need.

If you’re unsure how often and how long you should be walking your dog based on their breed and age, speak to a veterinarian. Experts like those at saltwateranimalhospital.com or even your small local veterinary practice will be able to offer advice on activity levels and exercise best suited to your pet.

Better Digestion 

A dog should never be forced to “hold it” because they don’t go outside often enough. Daily walks with your dog and frequent trips outside for bathroom breaks help digestion, reduce constipation, and maintain the health of the urinary tract.

On your regular dog walk, keep in mind to always scoop the feces to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. Nobody likes pet owners who don’t pick up their pet’s poop!

Improved Mental Health 

Some of the best benefits of exercising your dog through walking are mental ones. There is evidence that spending time in nature boosts mental health. Walking your dog is an easy way to ensure you can take advantage of this fact.

In fact, walking a dog has several advantages for those with illnesses like anxiety and depression. When you have a dog to walk, you have to get up in the mornings to take them out, and you have to walk them again throughout the day; their needs come before yours – and that gives you great focus. Ultimately, this will also help you take better care of yourself since you have to look after another living being.

Along with the health benefits for humans, walking is also good for dogs’ minds. Being free to roam, play with other dogs at the park, experience new scents, and take in new sights makes them happier than staying indoors all day.

Combat Obesity 

Dogs can gain weight the same way people do when they lack exercise. However, walking helps prevent this; walking your dog regularly is a great way to get in the physical activity you and your dog need to maintain a healthy weight.

Walking also helps ward off certain human and doggy diseases, including cardiovascular disease, canine diabetes, and kidney problems – plus, it’s also beneficial for the lungs and heart.

A Better Bond 

Everyone wants a strong relationship with their best animal friend. Taking your dog for a walk every day will help you get closer to them and give you the bond you crave.

The more you take your dog for a walk, the more they will trust you, and their love for you will improve as a result. On top of this, your walk is the perfect time to engage in dog training exercises, which will make your bond even stronger while also improving your pet’s behavior.