Why do dogs eat poop? It could be related to anxiety or isolation.

Occasionally, our pet dogs do strange things. Besides biting their soiled paws or rolling all around in puddles, canine occasionally drink from bogs or lick their butts.  

In other cases, your pup may even take in their very own poop, or worse, the poop of yet another doggy or animal. To any pet proprietor, this would be thought of disgusting and cause worry.  

But why do canine eat poop? Dogs try to eat poop for a range of good reasons. Although their actions may look gross to people, your dog’s motive for undertaking so may not be. 

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Why do canines take in poop?

If your pet is feeding on poop, it could be for a selection of explanations, including anxiety, notice, isolation, confinement or inappropriate association with foodstuff, in accordance to the American Kennel Club.